Long Range Ebike: How Far Can You Really Go?

long range ebike

How often do you wonder if the charge on your long-range ebike can go the distance you’re about to put it through?

In spite of the range indicated by an ebike manufacturer, certain factors can contribute immensely to maximizing the distance you can cover on a single charge. Having a working knowledge of these is important for achieving a good distance and for the longevity of your long range ebike. 

Hence, to ascertain how far you can really go with your long-range ebike, you must critically examine these factors, which we’ll help you identify in this post. 

Factors That Affect How Far a Long-Range Ebike Can Go 

Several factors can significantly affect the distance a long-range ebike can cover on a single charge. However, the major ones include the battery capacity, traveling speeds, pedaling power, and the slope of the roads. For instance, the distance covered by a 400Wh battery will be significantly lower than for a 3,000Wh battery. It is only logical. 

Likewise, you'll require more power to climb a hill than travel on a perfectly flat road, which can also affect the distance you can cover on a single charge. Still, if you supplement the battery capacity with a high pedaling power, the massive savings you'll be making on the battery power can immensely increase the distance covered even further. 

Additionally, the faster you travel, the quicker you drain the battery, shortening the travel distance available for a single battery. For example, long-range ebikes will exert more power to move when carrying more weight, reducing the distance they can travel on a single charge. 

However, seemingly minor factors can contribute significantly to how far a long-range ebike can go when its effects are aggregated. These factors include the rider's weight, weather, excess luggage, periodic stop and start frequency, the type of tire, and air pressure. The combination of these factors can produce a cumulative effect that can prove vital to how far the ebike can go. 

How Far Can a Long Range Ebike Really Go?

How Far Can a Long Range Ebike Really Go?

As a first-time long-range ebike buyer, you may have many unanswered questions for which you seek answers. Here is what you can expect if you are looking for a long-range ebike. 

The Average Range of an Ebike

For starters, ebikes are generally classified based on their battery capacity, which is the main factor for determining their range. These batteries are designed based on the intended use of the ebike. For instance, standard ebikes often come with a 480Wh battery and can achieve a range of up to 19 miles traveling on a slightly hilly surface at 25Wh/mi with very little pedaling. However, there are long-range ebikes designed for longer ranges with up to 250 miles. Such long-range ebikes often come with a battery capacity as high as 3,000Wh. 

Velotric Long Range Ebike: How Far Can it Really Go?

Running certain battery tests and some calculations using a battery’s highest output are some ways ebike manufacturers come up with their ranges. But then, how close are these figures to the real range and capacity of long-range ebikes? 

As an example, let’s consider the Velotric Discover 1, a long-range ebike. Like most long-range ebikes, the Velotric Discover 1 differs from all other ebikes as it is designed to cover long distances on a single charge. It often achieves this based on its 692Wh battery capacity, covering a maximum range of 60 miles. 

Also, the frame is made from aluminum alloy, which accounts for its high durability and ability to endure harsh weather conditions without recourse to its efficiency. Additionally, the fork within the frame is supported by a hydraulic suspension adding to its balance and mechanical advantage.

But that’s not all. 

It features a drivetrain with a 7-speed cassette and a 7-speed shift lever that enables it to easily adapt its speed to different terrains. Another important feature is its hydraulic disc brakes and aluminum brake levers that you can easily adjust and control with a power cutoff switch. This enables it to maintain balance easily, even in rough terrains. 

The wheel, coupled with the ergonomically designed grips, stem, and saddle, helps the Velotric Discover 1 to deliver adequate support and comfort to the rider. Finally, its 26 x 2.5 inch tires are puncture resistant with 36H double-wall aluminum alloy rims. All these features combine well to ensure that the efficiency needed to optimize the designed range is achieved. 

Tips to Increase Your Ebike’s Range 

As highlighted previously, certain factors are critical to long-range ebikes. Therefore, identifying these factors and giving them adequate consideration when planning your trip will help you maximize your ebike’s range.

  • Tire pressure - Ensuring that your ebike’s tires have adequate air pressure goes a long way in maximizing performance. The reason is that inadequate tire pressure does not properly transfer the motion power of the ebike to the ground. Hence, much of the power from the ebike is lost and does not translate to efficient movement. 
  • Weight - The weight of the rider and any excess luggage can significantly reduce the efficiency of the ebike. The heavier the load, the more power expended and the lower the range. Hence, the more excess weight you can offload, the better for the ebike’s range.
  • The right tire for the terrain - Using a commuter tire when you are riding on mountain roads can as well affect the range of your ebike. Getting a fitting tire suitable for your terrain is critical to increasing your ebike’s range. 
    get a fitting tire to increase your ebike’s range
  • Reduce speed - Riding at a fast speed can easily and quickly drain power from your ebike’s battery. This reduces your range significantly and can be improved by reducing your riding speed. 
  • Drivetrain maintenance - It is often a good maintenance practice to clean and oil the drivetrain periodically to ensure its efficiency and maximize your ebike’s range. 


Knowing all the factors that can affect your long-range ebike’s range can definitely help you maximize your range. But in the end, what matters most is the commitment of the ebike’s manufacturer to quality and performance. These factors often translate significantly to an efficient working ebike that can maximize the designed range. 

But more importantly, getting your long-range ebikes from a leading brand like Velotric, which has a consistent track record in delivering quality and high-performance electric bikes, including long-range ebikes, will be your saving grace. 

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