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A stylish and high-quality commuter
ebike, designed for everyday life.

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What the professionals say
This tough e-bike has an 60-mile range and is much cheaper than you’d expect.
The Velotric Discover 1 features a frame-integrated battery that’s reckoned good for up to 60 miles per charge (in eco mode).
The Velotric Discover is a budget commuter e-bike that goes the extra miles.
The Velotric Discover 1 is the electric bike that Tesla wished it built.
48V 14.4Ah
6 hours
Charging Time
Up to 60 Miles
Max Range
500 W/900W
Rated/Peak Motor
5’1 to 6’4
Height Range

Gas Price Pain? Let’s Go Green!

Ride 2,000 miles with the price of only one gallon of gas and reduce carbon emissions for a better environment.
We offer a LOT with only $1399.
Powerful 500/900W Rated/Peak Motor with 65Nm Torque
Brushless high performance motor
21700 Tesla Grade Battery Cells
Lithium-ion Battery Made by LG/Samsung
Shimano 7 Speed
Gear Shift System
Say Goodbye to Back Pain
87 degree straightback riding position
Fully Integrated Design
Integrated battery, controller, and front and rear lights
Throttle On-demand
3-level pedal assist

your city with

Let the Velotric Discover 1 ebike
take you on the next urban adventure.
1-year Warranty
Industry-leading limited warranty that lasts years for certain bike parts
Free, Safe No-contact Delivery
Ebikes shipped directly to you within 2 business days, we cover the cost
Sustainably packaged
We thoughtfully designed the package with 100% recycle materials
14-Day Free Trial
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What Online Reviewers Say
Electric Bike Report

“The Belotric Discover 1 is a Class 2 electric step-thru bike that walks the fine line between commuter and cruiser.”

All Electric

“This is one impressive looking e-bike. I love the style plus this awesome powder coated, a really beautiful turquiose color.”

Ebike Escape
Color: Indigo Grey

“The aesthetic touches around that just make it look more of a custom designed ebike.”

Color: Indigo Grey

“Discover 1 is a brand new e-bike that lets you effortlessly explore your city in a simple handle and set for an upright comfortable...”

Color: Indigo Grey

“The design of the bike, the overall look of Discover 1 looks great, and feels great. I’ve actually really been enjoying my experience with it. It is a fun ride.”

Electric Revolution
Color: Cyan

“Overall, I was pretty impressed with the Discover 1 as far as the range.”