How to Protect, Transport, and Store Your Ebike

How to Protect, Transport, and Store Your Ebike

So you've just made the jump to the riveting world of electric bicycles and purchased a Velotric  Discover 1; welcome to the family! You've probably been dreaming of cruising The Strand along the beach or adding some ease and enjoyment to your daily commute. But before you go, there are a few things you will want to make sure you have covered to ensure you come home with that new bike!

Protecting Your Ebike

Keeping your bike safe from theft is a crucial part of both protection and storage. We're here to help you find the best fit, so you feel secure in where and how you leave your ebike.

The most important part of an ebike to protect is the ebike itself. 

When you're locking your bike up, try to get around the base of the ebike and the rear wheel. A folding lock can help you get around the heftier size of your bike and the rear wheel, and most U-locks can easily lock up the bike structure. Be aware, the front tire has a quick release for removal, so a cafe lock can be attached retroactively or you can add a layer of confidence by removing the front tire and carrying it with you or locking it up alongside the rear tire (if the lock you’ve selected is large enough). Your ebike battery has a unique key, so you can rest assured it won’t be removed from the frame by passersby.

We recommend:

Of course, the best thing you can lock up to is a classic bike rack, which you can find all over most cities! But when there's a lack of these specified bike parking stations, it is essential to find a secure base to use. Parking meters and different signs and poles work, so long as you are not somehow blocking road traffic and the bottom of the post is secure and not easily removed. 

Finding a Home for Your Ebike

One of the critical pieces to remember in storing your ebike is finding a cool and dry place. While our ebikes are waterproof for riding and cleaning, it is still good practice to rest your ebike in an indoor space if possible. We're talking somewhere like a garage or outdoor shed. If you use the correct wall racks, wall mounting your ebike in these spaces is a great option, but do consider the weight rating of each rack to determine if it will fit your bulkier ebike. The SteadyRack Fender Rack is a great option that holds the bike vertically to reduce the necessary storage space.

We recognize that storing your bike in your home may not be doable, depending on where you live. Say you live on the 4th floor of an apartment building, and you're not feeling like lugging it up those flights of stairs - we don't blame you. Searching in your area for local temporary storage facilities, like BikeHub’s Metro Bike storage, may be your solution. New developments of bike pods and lockers are popping up all over major cities, and it is becoming more commonplace for apartment buildings to provide designated bike storage rooms. Regardless of where you can find housing for your ebike, remember to still exercise proper locking for security.

Getting Your Ebike from Point A to Point B Safely

Finally, let's figure out how to transport your ebike. As the average ebike weighs 32-70 lbs. it is crucial to make sure your bike rack on your car, like the one on your wall, is rated for the weight of your ebike. We recommend you not use roof racks and be very careful with strap-on trunk racks, as many are not warranted to handle more than 60 lb of weight. Generally speaking, the best fit for your ebike is going to be a hitch/receiver-mounted or tray/platform-style rack that sits on the back of your car. 

We recommend:

Protecting, finding a home and transporting your ebike will be a different experience for all of us. As you learn and adjust to life with your Discover 1 ebike, tag us and share what works best for you. We believe that taking care of this investment through your decisions in protection, storage and transportation will ensure years of enjoyment. We hope this helps. Now, get out for a ride!

*This affordable option is one of our favorites, however be sure to purchase additional tie-downs to securely mount the back.

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