Embracing San Diego with Velotric

Embracing San Diego with Velotric

There’s something to be said about the understated, laid-back charm of San Diego. Sharing a commonality with other metropolitan centers and also revered for its seemingly endless stretch of beaches, San Diego manages to offer a lifestyle encompassing every landscape. Reigning as the eighth-largest city in the United States, one may allude to the obvious need for a car or access to proper public transport. But to fully embrace the effortless, natural beauty of this sun-drenched city, the Velotric Discover 1 ebike smoothly takes you from beachfront destinations to coveted museums and parks, and everything in between.

Hop on and ride with us through San Diego, “America’s Finest City”!

 Velotric ebike San Diego Santa Cruise Beach


Catch some early morning waves along the golden stretches of sand at Santa Cruz Beach. Whether opting for a rigorous workout pedaling or easing into the day using the throttle, comfort need not be sacrificed with the route you choose. The Velotric ebike comes equipped with a cushioned seat, front suspension fork, and ergonomic handles designed for an upright position to provide you with the most comfortable riding experience. Head south along Sunset Cliffs Boulevard and stop for breakfast at Little Lion Cafe. Or if you’re craving the spice of Mexican cuisine, try Sunnie’s Ocean Beach for breakfast tacos and coffee.

Velotric ebike Balboa Park Museum of Us


After breakfast, cruise over to Balboa Park where the rugged tires and suspension fork allow for some nimble movements throughout most paved surfaces. Pause to check out the eccentricities of the Balboa Park Carousel, using the kickstand to park your ebike and step-through design to get on and off with ease.  Untethered to parking restrictions of a car or the time schedule of a bus, get acquainted with the ease of creating your own path with your ebike. Canvas the Lily Pond and Lagoon at the Botanical Building or immerse yourself in the Spanish and Italian old masters of the San Diego Museum of Art. And with the bright integrated LCD display, you can track your speed, mileage, pedal assist level, and battery life no matter how the sun is shining.

Velotric ebike Gaslamp Quarters San Diego


In this new era of “work from home”, one may find themself never quite fully disconnected from work. But if work does beckon, make your way to one of the numerous patio cafes in Little Italy; Pappalecco offers wifi and the most delectable flavors of gelato (the rear rack can hold up to 55 lbs of paperwork or gelatos, your choice). 

Fully encapsulating the quaint yet urban part of town, San Diego’s historic Gaslamp Quarter is where one can find streets peppered with boutique shops, sidewalk cafes and cocktail bars. Begin at the Gaslamp Quarter Arch, and loop across East Harbor Drive to the Convention Center. Ride with the utmost confidence the entire way, knowing the Discover 1’s design is not only sleek, but making a difference to save the planet. 

Velotric ebike San Diego

By The Bay 

As the sun slowly sets, the integrated front and rear lights offer you extra safety on the road. Cafe Sevilla and Meze Greek Fusion offer unique, ethnic flavors where you can sample vibrant varietals over dinner. Grab a nightcap in Seaport Village or by Embarcadero Marina, watching the twilight reflect off the water. The air is chilled, vibe authentic, and there’s freedom to ride your ebike wherever the evening leads.


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