Biking in New York State 7 Amazing E-Bike Trails

Biking in New York State 7 Amazing E-Bike Trails

What’s the point of having an e-bike if you can’t make the most of exploring? Getting away from fast-paced city life is essential, as nature can reconnect us and give us a break from our often hectic lives. 

Exploring is part of what makes us human. There’s no better tool for exploring than an e-bike, and there are no better trails in the United States than the ones found in New York. 

What happens when you combine the two? You get a comprehensive list of our favorite places to take your e-bike in the beautiful state of New York, from Hudson Valley to the Adirondacks. While city paths and greenways certainly aren’t lacking in New York, we tried to include mostly nature-oriented trails with a few exceptions. 

Before we get started, be sure to review New York’s e-bike laws to make sure you’re good to go. Ensure you have all the proper equipment and your e-bike is charged and ready to ride, and let’s get rolling! 


The Saratoga Greenbelt Trail, found in the Capital-Saratoga region in Central New York, is home to the world’s largest single-day bike race, and this region in eastern New York has been described as a biker’s paradise.

Within this region are numerous other trails that range in difficulty where cyclists are allowed to bring their e-bikes along for the ride. There are paved trails, off-road, dirt trails, and multiple other types of terrain suitable for nearly every type of e-bike. 

Along this trail, bicyclists will see an abundance of wildlife and multiple stops to take a minute to appreciate the countryside and beauty of remote New York. 

Keep this one close to the top of your list. 

Erie Canalway Trail 

The Erie Canalway Trail encompasses 365 miles of all trails. This lengthy bikeway spans Upstate New York from Buffalo to Albany. This trail is unique because you get amazing and scenic nature views with plenty to do along the way. 

Historical museums, bridges, canals for water views, parks, and local restaurants all populate this enormous trail, ensuring you’ll never once be bored on your ride. 

Genesee Valley Park, Camillus Erie Canal Park, and Green Lakes State Park are accessible or cut directly through this trail. Included are the stunning Nine Mile Creek and other preserved nature sights.

The Erie Canalway Trail would easily take days to bike, so you can always come back multiple times and never see the same sight twice. 


The Catskills region encompasses a wide variety of mountain biking trails and is composed of its own little community of biking towns and ski resorts. It’s a unique area that would be difficult to find anywhere else in the state of New York. 

On the trail, you’ll see stunning views of the vast reservoir, mountain views, farmland, and all the nature your mind can handle. Some trails are exclusively dirt and are meant for experienced riders with fat tire e-bikes, while others are paved and flat and are good for families or slow-paced rides. Of course, there are trails in between both difficulties as well. 

As we mentioned, there are also multiple ski resorts around this region, and some even have a bike lift that you can take to the top of the mountain and ride all the way down. 

This is certainly one of the more unique biking challenges on this list, but there are options available for everyone of all skill levels and ages in the Catskill Mountains. 

Heritage Trail

The Heritage Trail, also known as the Orange Heritage Trail, is a 20-mile trail that stretches through the beautiful sights of Orange County, New York. Vast farm fields, old wooden buildings and infrastructure, hills galore, and more all contribute to the country-like ambiance that will leave you breathing slowly and never feeling more relaxed. 

Interestingly enough, this stretch is home to over 200 species of birds, so you’ll hear them sing the entire way. There’s even a spot where you can see an old abandoned fighter jet and a couple of historical museums along the path, ensuring you have some stuff to do if you need a break. 

The trail is primarily smooth and covered, although there are stretches of dirt, gravel, and more. It’s e-bike friendly and typically not too populated, meaning you can ride completely at your own pace. This trail has to be near the top of your list for a true sense of nature and relaxation.

North County Trailway

We talked earlier about using bike riding as a break from city life and reconnecting with nature, and the North County Trailway is a perfect opportunity to do so. 

This fully paved 22-mile trail sits only a few miles north of New York City. It runs from Tarrytown and continues north, and you’ll see a lot of cool sights along the way. 

The North County Trailway includes unique rock formations, wooded hills, orchards and fields, and shorelines for some of the trail. There are also multiple historical buildings that make for great photos and exploring. 

Take a break from the city and get out into some fresh air. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you.

Greater Niagara 

Considering we’re in New York State, it’s only right to include a trail that lets you see one of New York’s most famous attractions: Niagara Falls. 

These trails are included in the aforementioned Erie Canalway Trail, that massive 365-mile designated path. This path specifically runs from Buffalo to Rochester. Along the path, you’ll be able to ride on the Riverwalk, which has tons of cool local shops and restaurants. 

The trail is surrounded by the Niagara River for nearly the entire stretch and is very wide open and easy. You’ll find numerous state parks you can ride through, including the famous Whirlpool State Park, where you can watch river rapids transform into little whirlpools. 

Finally, you can see the infinitely-stunning Niagara Falls from multiple viewpoints along the trail, affording you one of the coolest and most unique features of any trail on this list.

Long Island 

Central Park just not cutting it? If you don’t want to travel far or simply just need a new bike route, we recommend you check out all Long Island has to offer. There are beach paths, boardwalk paths, and multiple different scenic outlooks placed along the borough’s many different trails. 

You can stay in NYC’s urban center (while venturing out of Manhattan’s busy bike lanes) and explore the numerous shops and restaurants or break off into uncharted territory with 11 trails in different directions.

Honorable Mentions

There’s no shortage of mountains to climb and descents to tackle in New York State. Check out more beloved trails that didn’t quite make our top seven:

  • Utica North-South Arterial Multi-Use Trail (Utica)
  • Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway (Albany and Schenectady)
  • Plattekill Mountain (The Catskills)
  • Empire State Trail (New York City to Canada)
  • Glens Falls Feeder Canal Trail (Glens Falls to the Champlain Canal)
  • Cayuga Waterfront Trail Loop (Cass Park, Ithaca to Cayuga Lake Inlet)
  • Wallkill Valley Rail Trail (Kingston and Gardiner)

Hit the Trails With Velotric 

Velotric is an e-bike company founded on the belief that the world was meant to be explored. We give our community the tools to do so with our variety of e-bikes that range from commuters to fat tires.

We’re here to help you see more, and we hope that you consider using a Velotric bike the next time you hop on those stunning trails. 


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