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My Heart Loves Velotric
It was a dark and stormy night in September 2023 and I was coming up to my 70th birthday. What to buy myself in recognition of this important milestone? All of a sudden, lightning flashed and inspiration struck. An e-bike! Some web research quickly followed and the Velotric brand featured quite prominently among the best reviews. As it happened, a well-respected local bike store had just become a Velotric dealership, so I was on their doorstep when they opened the following day.
Their demo model was a Discover 1 step-through and, after a prolonged test ride, the deal was done at a very reasonable price. It had been love at first sight! Daily rides cemented the relationship with this awesome, well-designed bicycle.
Fast forward to April, 2024 which was unfortunately dominated by major heart surgery. Thankfully, it was successful, and as soon as my surgeon (an avid bike rider!) gave his blessing I was able to start slow and build up my riding endurance once more. So, it turns out that my Velotric has become an integral part of my cardiac rehabilitation program. This has worked out extremely well both physically and mentally, as my ride is now the highlight of my day and a major contributor to my recovery. I am quite certain that my lovely bicycle is the best form of rehabilitation. What is more, my doctors agree and point to my uncommonly rapid return to health as proof of this.
It is no exaggeration for me to say that the Velotric D1 is the best bicycle I have owned in decades of riding. The build quality is high, the motor and associated electronics operate flawlessly and both the ride and handling are superb. My newly repaired heart just loves this bicycle!
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