Anita H.
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Maumelle, AR
Endless Joy Rides with 'Honeybee'
Greetings from the beautiful state of Arkansas! My name is Anita and I was fortunate enough to come upon my precious T1 ST Velotric bicycle. I have named her HoneyBee after our wonderful pollinators who, through their perseverance and hard work, ensure our earth continues. Imagine clear blue skies, the smell of honeysuckle permeating the air, birds singing, and the critters doing what they do. This is usually my experience while riding my very dependable e-bike. Happy thoughts and no stress are the norm, positive endorphins are working over-time. My physical and mental health have improved immensely since my purchase. Being out in nature with friends and family is like an added bonus to your life. With all the different models in its range, Velotric truly builds e-bikes that will meet you where you are.
I am a disabled veteran, so due to injuries I sustained, my Honeybee came along to help me keep active and out in nature. We have the Big Dam Bridge area that is car-free and runs along the Arkansas River. The road ride is easy with the 5 levels of pedal-assist that the T1 ST offers. I added the battery extender to my girl, just to ensure my ride isn’t cut short. It actually gives you more peace of mind knowing you have back-up when needed. My experience with the e-bike brings a smile to my face every time I think about it. The cycling community in our area is full of all different ages and experiences that are ready and willing to assist you as you grow. Now I can keep up with my husband who prefers steep hills and mountains. I am ready and willing to go. Instead of wishing the hill ahead is our last one and before reaching the car, I am now saying, “Hey, you done already!?!” My HoneyBee has all the speed and power that is needed to keep up with the A group. The handling of the bike during sketchy decents is amazing.
I am very proud to be an owner and it has been a game changer for me! I look forward to our gravel rides especially. The T1 handles the rough stuff just as well as the road. I wish I had her YEARS ago. I highly recommend the Velotric product. The customer service is always there if I need something. My next project will be getting a safety basket of some sort for my Maltipoo buddy. She would love to ride with momma.
Blessings to you all for reading this story. I am a happy lady.
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