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E-Biking Into A New Chapter of Life
Hello, I’m Teko Palchak. My wife, Myrna, and I enjoy the outdoors and were planning on retiring in the Spring of 2023. We wanted to celebrate our new freedom with the adventures of exploring rails-to-trails by biking, and e-bikes would be just the ticket! To help make that transition easier, we selected Velotric Discover 1s after very careful analysis (honestly…I took months) to be certain my high standards for safety were met. Requirements included a UL-rated battery, headlights, integrated brake lighting, included tire fenders, swept-back handlebars, sturdy rear rack (to transport saddlebags), and strong structural welds. No kidding, if we were going to be on adventures, an e-bike that we could depend on (and wouldn't break down) was critical. So August 2022, we ordered and received our bikes. We literally left the next morning for our first of many travel adventures!
Since that inaugural trip, my beloved and I have ridden our Discover 1s over 3,500 miles. I have about 3,700 miles logged as of this writing. A few favorite PA trails are the Allegheny and Redbank trails. Our favorite Virginia trail is the Virginia Creeper. It has such beautiful train trestles.
We even plan our vacation trips around places we can ride, and ALWAYS meet folks who ask us about our Discovers. We let them examine our bikes, explain everything that led to our selection decision, and honestly share the fun, joy & health benefits that riding a Velotric ebike has brought to our lives! We have several trips already planned for this year in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida next January.
At my annual physical this year my doctor of 30 years commented that all my numbers looked great compared to last year, and that my chance of a heart attack in the next 10 years actually went DOWN 3%, which he attributed to my added exercise routine! So yes, Velotric e-biking has made and continues to make a positive outcome to my beloved and I’s life!
Here’s to wheels down and keep on riding!
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