David F.
Based In
Fort Worth, TX
Sweat-Free Commutes
I thought it would be a be a great idea to be able to commute to and from my office arriving without being sweaty. I started researching e-bikes and figured out that an e-bike is PERFECT for my commuting needs. Time to do my homework! I did a lot of online research including watching e-bike reviews on YouTube, joined social media e-bike groups, and read various websites concerning e-bikes. The Velotric Nomad 1 seemed to be my best choice due to its power, quality, good customer service, and reasonable price.
Weather permitting, I commute everyday with my yellow Nomad 1. It’s a 14-mile round trip to and from work, and I thoroughly enjoy my ride every time! On weekends, I like to venture further out and explore. Occasionally, I ride with other people. I typically like to ride with the former mayor of our city along with other cycle enthusiasts. They ALWAYS ask questions about my Nomad: How fast is it? What kind of motor does it have? How much does it cost? How much does it weigh? How can I get one? Riding an e-bike is very different from a regular bicycle. Both are fun, but an e-bike lets you go further and faster with ease. I HIGHLY recommend buying an e-bike and if a Velotric e-bike appeals to you (and it probably will), then go for it!
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