What Is a Smart E-Bike?

What Is a Smart E-Bike?

It seems like new hyper-modern pieces of tech are being rolled out into stores every day, and each innovation has a huge impact on every aspect of a product or business. The cycling world is certainly no exception, as we’ve seen a massive boom recently in the e-bike’s evolution. 

E-bikes are constantly upgrading to adapt to new technological trends, and smart e-bikes are the latest addition to this ever-growing line-up. Gone are the days of traditional cycling and pedaling; now, you can have complete control over your ride in terms of distance, intensity, and assistance. 

Packed with cool and unique features, here is everything you need to know about the Velotric T1 Smart Bike

What’s the Difference Between a Smart E-Bike and an E-Bike? 

Both smart e-bikes and e-bikes are built using similar components: a traditional-looking bike with a full motor and pedal assist system (PAS). 

E-bikes and smart e-bikes are similar in the sense that they’re both electric and have motors. They are extremely helpful tools for those who use cycling as exercise, commute to work, or simply enjoy cycling so much that they want to do it as often as possible. 

The “smart” portion simply means that smart e-bikes can connect to your phone and have more features than typical e-bikes. It’s like an upgraded version of an e-bike that can tap into today’s technological world.


Smart e-bikes can connect to your phone via Bluetooth, and e-bikes cannot. This opens up an entire world of possibilities regarding features, add-ons, and customization. 

Once your phone is connected to your bike, you can download our app to begin customizing, protecting, tracking, and so much more. There are a lot of features to explore on the app with even more to come. 

Look and Style 

Our smart e-bike model, the Velotric T1 Smart Bike, includes a redesigned look compared to other e-bike offerings. 

Some lower-quality e-bikes can be bulky, have exposed wires, and just seem clunky. Fortunately, our other e-bike options are still very stylish, and our smart e-bike features a similarly attractive look you’ll love. 

All of our smart e-bikes wiring is internal, meaning we were able to fit everything perfectly into its slim, lightweight, and durable frame. The battery is also integrated and covered by the frame. Lastly, all built-in electronic sensors are hidden as well. 

It looks like you’re riding a regular bike, and pedestrians sure will be shocked when you zip by them going 25 MPH on what appears to be a traditional bike.

Speed, Weight, and Distance 

Our frames are made from hydroformed aluminum, which makes the frame strong, lightweight, and durable. 

Along with this, we use 3D Liquid Forging Technology (LFT) to fully integrate the technological components within the bike frame so they’re not exposed.

Finally, we also utilize forged dropouts which help the mounting points of the frame and the fender (which is the wheel covering that protects riders from splashing water and debris). 

Dropouts are a type of connective slot that attaches the axel of the rear bike wheels and allows the wheels to be removed without taking off the chain. This significantly upgrades the support system in place for the frame and makes the bike stronger overall. 

With a weight of only 36 pounds and a top speed of 25 MPH, this class-1 beauty is an urbanized machine built to get you from point A to point B in style.

What Are the Biggest Benefits of a Smart E-Bike? 

Besides looking (and being) cool, there are so many ways you can customize your smart e-bike that traditional bikes and e-bikes simply don’t offer. From top-of-the-line safety features to fingerprint ID and a fully customizable experience all from your phone, riding a bike has never been more exciting. 

Let’s take a deeper dive into the world of smart e-bikes. 

Velotric App 

The Velotric app is the bustling hub for all of your bike's needs and customization. 

Everything below this section noted can be accessed from your personal Velotric App (unless otherwise). 

Mode Switching

One of the most interesting features is the ability to switch your bike’s “mode.” You have three main options: Adventure Mode, City Mode, and MAX Mode. Each one is inherently unique and is designed for the type of ride and terrain you plan on taking. 

Unlock Features 

The Velotric T1 Smart Bike comes withthree ways to safely lock and unlock your bike. 

The first is the “shake.” When Bluetooth is connected and you’re standing directly next to your bike, give it a little shake, and it will automatically unlock for you. 

Second, there is a button you can press on the app that locks and unlocks the bike. This is the easiest and most effective way to start your ride. 

Third, there is a fingerprint option available in the event your phone isn’t accessible. There is a small button located towards the top of the frame that you simply press your finger against to unlock the bike. 


Your Velotric app tracks and records every second of your ride in real time. After your ride is over, you can see how many calories were burned, the distance traveled, your average speed, your CO2 emissions, and more. You can also merge or share this data with Apple Health if you already store most of your health information there. 


Along with the data tracking feature, you can also track your bike in real-time in the event it goes missing. Whether you misplaced it or it was taken, you can rest easy knowing you can track it down.

Additionally, there is an anti-theft alert pre-installed on the bike that is sent to your phone in case of emergency. 

If you want even more safety features, each Velotric T1 Smart Bike1 model is equipped with adaptive headlights that automatically turn on and adjust depending on the time of day. 

Velopower E35+ 

The heart and soul of our T1 model is our E35+ Drive System. E35+ is built to deliver a supremely smooth and enjoyable ride. 

This motor is exceptionally quiet, helping you fully enjoy the beautiful scenery our planet has to offer. Not to mention, it has over 10 uphill capability levels, a range extender, and 350w of power. 

Improved Parts 

Each smart e-bike has a TEKTRO hydraulic disc brake system installed, meaning you’ll retain all the stopping power even in the worst conditions. 

Our PROWHEEL Narrow-wide chainring ensures you’ll rarely have to do any maintenance on the chain or worry about it falling off. 

Finally, our Selle Royal SRX Saddle ensures comfort throughout the entire ride. It has a wave-shaped design that is excellent for keeping your lower back and other bones comfortable through all the twists, turns, and bumps. 

The Velotric Difference

At Velotric, we pride ourselves on creating something that does so much more than move people. We’ve built a bike that helps people go further and see more than they’re ever seen before, and we hope that you’ll let us be a part of the next trail you ride on. 

See you out there! 


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