8 Long Distance Bike Trails in the United States

8 Long Distance Bike Trails in the United States

Owning an electric bike has so many benefits. 

Aside from the usual pros, like its significant mental and physical health benefits, there is one often-overlooked aspect of owning an e-bike: having the ability to go on trails.

There are thousands of bike trails in the United States, and each one offers something different from the last. 

Desert biking? You got it. Forests? You bet. Coastal trails? Of course. Mountainous rides? Absolutely. 

There’s no better way to fully immerse yourself in the biking world and in nature than a good old-fashioned trail — the longer, the better. 

Today, we’re going to look at eight terrific long distance bike rides that allow e-bikes. We went ahead and made sure these trails are e-bike-friendly, but it’s always a good idea to review your state’s laws on e-bikes anyway.

The selection process was simple: three bike trails per “section” of the United States: West, Middle, and East. The criteria? Long-distance, plenty of scenery, and rave reviews. 

Let’s get going.

How Far Can My E-Bike Go? 

Before we get into the specific trails, you’re probably wondering just how long-distance we’re talking about here and if your e-bike can survive such a journey. 

The longest trail on this list is around 115 miles. If you’re riding with a Velotric e-bike, you’re good for at least 50 to 60 miles, and you can easily double that if you have an extra battery pack with you. 

Of course, this also depends on how often you’re using the battery and motor. If you decide to shut everything off for a few miles, you’re going to be able to use your pedal assist system (PAS) more.

If you use your PAS more or the entire ride, you’re maxing out around that 50- to 60-mile range. We prefer to always keep an extra battery with us just in case. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

These places are pretty remote, and having a backup plan to get you home safely is never a bad idea. 

Eastern Trails

The three trails we’re about to show you reside in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Massachusetts, respectively. 

Each one offers something slightly different than the other, from mountains to the ocean. Our eastern friends are in for quite a ride.

Pine Creek Rail Trail (Pennsylvania)

Distance: 62 miles 

The Pine Creek Rail Trail follows an old rail line through what has been called the “Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania”, featuring a massive gorge that is up to 1,400 feet deep and over a mile wide. 

Aside from the breathtaking gorge (where there are plenty of scenic outlook spots to stop), this trail offers other serene views of the forest and century-old buildings, rails, and historical stops. 

There are also plenty of quaint and unique little towns to stop at to shop, grab a bite to eat, or simply sightsee. Add this trail to your list ASAP. 

Ocala National Forest (Florida) 

Distance: 200 miles

Typically, if anyone is writing about bike trails in Florida, it involves the Everglades or the Florida Keys, as those are two extremely popular biking destinations in the country. 

We’re thinking a little out of the box with the massive Ocala National Park, which doesn’t get nearly enough attention. This beautiful trail and mountainous forest have over 600 lakes and rivers available for recreational use, and the views and scenic nature are simply unmatched.

E-bikes aren’t allowed on the mountain bike trails but are allowed on the 200-mile stretch of ATV roads, which are arguably just as scenic — if not more. This stretch also connects you to a bunch of smaller trails that span throughout the park, so this is an all-day experience. 

Great Allegheny Passage (Maryland) 

Distance: 150 miles 

This mammoth trail spans multiple states, but a majority of the trail resides in Cumberland, Maryland. 

Often referred to as the “GAP”, this classic, forest-oriented bike trail will likely take up much of your day because there’s so much to do and see. Museums, bridges, old railways, hiking trails, lakes, and more all encompass this beautiful trail that travels through rural Maryland and goes up through Western Pennsylvania. 

With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder this such a highly-rated trail. If you’re around, add this one to the list.

Western Trails

We could go the easy route by recommending any of the hundreds of trails on the West Coast that offer ocean views, but we’re here to offer you something unique. 

Thankfully, these three trails bring plenty of novelty to the table.

Trail of the Coeur d’Alene (Idaho) 

Distance: 73 miles 

Idaho offers a lot in terms of scenic views and some of the purest untouched nature in the world. 

Included in that is the stunning Trail of the Coeur d’Alene. This trail is fully paved and offers more than just scenic views, as there are tons of historical stops and hiking trails in addition to seemingly infinite mountains and rivers.

Along the trail are plenty of small towns with delicious home-style meals on offer. You’ll be so full that it’ll be difficult to complete the rest of the trail! 

This is one of the longest and highest-rated paved trails in North America, and it’s absolutely worth a trip. 

South Mountain Park and Preserve (Arizona) 

Distance: 70 miles

Our next recommendation out of the West is South Mountain Park and Reserve in Phoenix, Arizona.

This park is one of America’s largest, spanning over 16,000 acres. Within those acres, you’ll find numerous trails that range from difficult to easy, with the longest stretch being a moderate classic desert trail. 

Along the trail, you’ll find plentiful wildlife and nature’s finest, with an authentic western and remote feel that will have you breathing fresh air and seeing some of the coolest formations the desert has to offer. 

There’s even a waterfall or two to be found. So, get moving — because the desert is calling your name! 

Mammoth Mountain Bike Park (California) 

Distance: 80 miles

There are so many popular and well-traveled trails in California, largely along the coast. 

Today, we’re looking to switch it up. Mammoth Mountain Bike Park is unique because it’s solely available to mountain bikers — and that includes fat tire e-bikes

There are over 80 miles worth of trails to explore in the park that range from highly skilled bikers to newbies. In the winter, this area is known for its winter recreational sports, but there are many resorts and small towns that populate the area. 

With an entire 80-mile park dedicated to mountain bikers and entertainment and relaxation options galore, Mammoth Park is certainly one of the more special and unique inclusions on this list.

The Midwest and Beyond 

Finally, there are plenty of amazing trails to explore between the coasts. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites.

Paul Bunyan State Trail (Minnesota) 

Distance: 115 miles

The longest inclusion in our list (and one of the longest in the country), the Paul Bunyan State Trail is not for the faint of heart. 

Fortunately, there are towns conveniently spaced every eight to 10 miles, so you can stop and get all the rest you need and all the food you can eat. Tens of lakes and rivers, plentiful wildlife, and gorgeous forests and plants help make this such a special trail. 

St. Joe State Park (Missouri) 

Distance: Over 2,000 acres 

There’s really no start or end to the St. Joe trail. It’s simply 2,000 acres of natural and beautiful scenery that you can take in at your own time and pace. 

There are two beaches you can stop at, and the terrain varies from area to area. This is an explorer's dream. So, start exploring! 

Get Going!

Now that you’ve got eight insanely awesome trails on your bucket list, you’re going to need a special e-bike to help you explore each and every one. 

Fortunately, we’ve got just the thing: Velotric offers e-bikes you’re sure to love. 

With so much to see and do, you need something just as eager and able to explore as you are, and that all starts with an e-bike from Velotric. 

Happy trailing! 


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