The Design of Discover 1

The Design of Discover 1

Design: Less is more

Right from the start, we wanted to develop the vehicle with simplicity in mind. The design of the Discover 1 follows this ethos through and through, with the vehicle design following a simple, clean and linear design. 

The Frame: Commitment to a Clean Design

We hid exposed parts such as brake lines, motor lines, shifting lines, liquid forging process and soil grinding process to reduce the weld paths—strengthening and simplifying the frame (head tube and downtube connection, internal fenders and hidden tail light wires). 

The battery and controller throughout the frame design were also hidden to give the bicycle a simple look and feel. Additional adjustments and integrations were concealed so the user could focus on enjoying the ride experience.

The Colors: Nature-Inspired Innovation

During the color development process, the relationship between the product and where it will be used were taken into close consideration. 

We took the colors of the city: neon red and green from the lights, gray from the concrete, yellow from the cabs and green from the trees—all so the bike could blend into the cityscape while still holding a uniqueness of its own.

Engineering: A Considered Approach

The Ergonomics: Considering Comfort and Safety from the Start

During the early stages of defining our product, we had extensive discussions on how we could design an e-bike that could fit most riders, settling for a frame and structure that could comfortably fit most between 5’1 - 6’4 (or approximately 155-195 cm). The challenge was, of course, making a bike that would be comfortable for such a wide height range. This drove our product design decisions including:

  • A low span frame, so you can hop on and off, fast.
  • Wide commuter tires, to get that comfortable rebound when you ride.
  • Higher capacity batteries, so you don’t get stuck in the middle of nowhere without power.
  • A more powerful motor, so you can go places—faster. 

The frame geometry was redefined through extensive data simulation and analysis. With this, riders can keep their arms straight and their backs upright while riding. The low span frame design makes it easy to get on and off, while ensuring rider safety.

Through our research, we’ve analyzed the needs of both home users and older users of the e-bike. We know comfort is important, and have gone to great lengths to create a more comfortable ride. Most of the e-bikes on the market are more like mountain bikes and do not take comfort into account—making it likely your arms and waist will grow tired after a longer ride.  

Shock absorption was also something we considered in order to create the smoothest riding experience possible with an e-bike. The shock-absorbing front fork design and 26 x 2.5″ tires improve shock absorption of the e-bike significantly. This improves the rider’s experience even when riding on more complex roads. 

The Materials: Made to Last

With its aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame, the Discover 1 was designed to withstand anything. The aviation polar aluminum alloy has a much higher tensile property (how a material reacts to tension) and strength than ordinary aluminum alloy. During testing, we applied a much higher force than the international standard, and all parts of the Discover 1 passed ISO-4210 and CPSC standards.

Refined and Reliable Electric System

The electrical system makes a huge impact on the ride quality and reliability of the e-bike, and we developed a more holistic solution to ensure a smooth experience for the rider:

  • Vector controller
  • Rear wheel hub motor
  • Samsung/LG 21700 battery pack
    • Waterproof wiring harness

    It was only approved for production after strict reliability testing and adjusting riding characteristics. 

    Engineered for All Conditions

    The Discover 1 was developed to be a multifunctional e-bike. Road conditions are complex and can vary, so we added a high-power, high-torque motor to ensure the e-bike can support a maximum of 15 degrees of slope. This ensures it can handle most suburban road conditions.  

    For output tuning, we optimized the acceleration curve while turning on the vehicle and the power connection while riding to ensure a smooth, yet powerful  vehicle power output.

    Safety comes first

    We’ve placed great emphasis on the safety of the electrical system. In addition to adhering to strict standards for the electrical components, the whole vehicle was sent to a third-party laboratory to get certified the UL2849 electrical system safety certification. 

    Our batteries also use the same Samsung/LG 21700 cells as Tesla, and they have also been sent to a third-party laboratory to get certified for the UL2271 (battery pack safety) and UN38.3 lithium battery transport safety certification. The products fully meet the requirements of applicable laws and regulations, giving you a peace of mind that our products are both reliable and safe.

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