Night vs. Morning Workouts: Does Timing Matter?

Night vs. Morning Workouts: Does Timing Matter?

Key takeaways

  • Morning exercisers (69%) feel more productive at work than night exercisers (61%).
  • Night exercisers report 33% higher stress levels at work than morning exercisers.
  • Morning exercisers outpace night exercisers in receiving raises, with 53% reporting a salary increase in the past year compared to 44%.

Exercise around the clock

We all know that exercise is good for us, but does it matter when we do it? To explore the impact of workout timing on professional success and overall well-being, we surveyed 1,002 Americans who work out. Among them, 43% worked out at night, 36% in the morning, and 21% in the afternoon. Let’s jump in and explore these exercisers’ insights to see how workout timing impacts their lives.

Time to thrive

Regular exercise brings benefits like increased productivity, better focus, and lower stress levels. Let’s see if workout timing influences these factors and more.

Productivity at work and job satisfaction

Starting your day with exercise helps to boost endorphin levels, encouraging you to feel more relaxed and happy, which is likely to positively affect your day. We found that morning exercisers (69%) experienced feeling more productive at work than night exercisers (61%). Morning exercisers also felt more job satisfaction and less stress at work.

  • Night exercisers reported 33% higher stress levels at work than morning exercisers.
  • Night exercisers who worked out three to four times per week were 46% more likely than morning exercisers to be thinking about quitting their jobs in the next six months.

Almost half of morning exercisers (47%) felt good about their work-life balance, while only 37% of night exercisers said the same. And when it comes to your career path, what time you work out can also impact your current position and future career choices. Morning exercisers were 44% more likely than night exercisers to hold managerial positions.

Timing is money

Interestingly, we discovered a connection between when people exercise and how much they make.

Average annual income by workout time

According to our survey, morning exercisers had the highest average annual income at $58,509 — almost $5,000 higher than night exercisers, who made an average of $53,671. However, while more morning exercisers (53%) received a raise than night exercisers (44%) in the past year, their average annual salary increase was lower. Night exercisers earned a slightly higher salary increase than morning exercisers ($4,589 vs. $4,561, respectively).

Workout timing and everyday well-being

A healthy work-life balance that includes exercise is a great way to improve overall health and well-being. Exercising at a convenient time allows you to equally prioritize your career and the demands of your personal life.

Satisfaction with each life factor

Morning exercisers showed an impressive 73% satisfaction rate with their overall health and well-being, compared to 60% of night exercisers. They were also more satisfied than night exercisers when it came to satisfaction with:

  • Friends and family relationships
  • Romantic relationships
  • Sex life

And if you want to live a long, happy life having positive relationships is the key. 

Morning exercisers also felt better about other important aspects of their lives. Over half (51%) felt good about their confidence levels and mental health. A positive outlook also improved daily energy and motivation levels: 50% of morning exercisers felt motivated throughout the day versus only 34% of night exercisers. Their higher levels of quality sleep likely helped improve their daily energy, motivation, and mental well-being.

Examining the daily routine

It’s never been easier to find a fitness routine that works for you, thanks to the abundance of online fitness resources and AI-tailored fitness programs. Let’s look at how timing affects workout routines among our respondents.

Workout frequency

According to our survey, 95% of morning exercisers and 92% of night exercisers hit their personal fitness goals. But not everyone was happy with how they got there. Morning exercisers (54%) were much happier with their workout routines than night exercisers (36%). These groups also differed when it came to how often they worked out.

When compared to morning exercisers, night exercisers were more likely to work out three to four times per week (65% vs. 51%). But the five or more weekly workout crowd was more likely to be made up of morning exercisers (44% vs. 31%), which shows they have more consistent daily exercise habits.

Our survey results also showed that the gym wasn’t just a place to break a sweat and reduce stress — it’s also a place to socialize and build professional contacts. Surprisingly, morning gymgoers were 60% more likely to talk to others and network during their workouts. Night gymgoers preferred to focus on their workout routine and not talk to anyone.

If working out in the gym doesn’t appeal to you and you yearn for fresh air and open spaces, outdoor workouts are the perfect solution. Swimming, hiking, and cycling are great options for improving overall well-being. Numerous neighborhoods and parks boast fitness trails, providing many opportunities to get a sweat on while breathing in fresh air.

The morning advantage

If you’re a night exerciser, you might find some benefits by switching to morning workouts. Morning exercisers reported higher productivity, better job satisfaction, and less stress at work — they also made more money, worked in more managerial positions, and earned raises more often. And as for personal relationships and mental well-being, morning exercisers won every time. Regardless of when you choose to work out, what truly matters in building a work-life balance is finding a time to exercise when it works for you and a fitness routine that you enjoy.


For this campaign, we surveyed 1,002 Americans who work out. Among them, 43% worked out at night, 36% in the morning, and 21% in the afternoon.

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