Exploring the AI Fitness Revolution

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Key takeaways

  • Nearly 4 in 10 fitness enthusiasts would cancel their gym membership in favor of an AI fitness subscription.
  • 12% of fitness enthusiasts use ChatGPT to generate workout programs.
  • 83% of fitness enthusiasts think our AI-created gym, AI-thletic, is high quality.

Does your chatbot even lift?

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) continue to trickle into various areas of daily life, profoundly transforming business, healthcare, the arts, and other industries. How might these advancements impact health andfitness, especially in relation to the commercial gym experience?

To get an idea of the potential effects AI might have on the fitness industry, we utilized AI tools from Midjourney and ChatGPT to generate a possible brand identity, and infographics with class listings to support AI-Assisted Training. We then shared our results with 1,000 fitness enthusiasts and surveyed them about their reactions to AI-Assisted Training and the openness to embracing AI within fitness. Let’s get warmed up and start working up some avenues in which AI can succeed in and will be more well-received and implemented in the wellness industry.

Meet AI-Assisted Training 

As we explore the future of fitness, we generated AI models that can envision what AI-Assisted Training. Take a look at what has been created through the use of AI tools and what people had to say about them.

ai powered gym ratings

Our AI-powered fitness concept, AI-assisted training, received high praise from fitness enthusiasts. A remarkable 83% of those surveyed found AI-assisted training to be of overall high quality, and another 83% appreciated the gym’s originality. Over 80% also thought the categories of classes were geared to their needs, and 75% appreciated the diversity of fitness offerings.

Of classes offered, 45% were most likely to attend AIronclad, a strength training program; 36% were interested in IntelliYoga, a yoga class; and 35% preferred AI Velocity, a cycling workout. To attend these classes, fitness enthusiasts would pay an average of $50 monthly for a membership to access AI-assisted training. Further, AI-powered fitness garnered a strong sense of advocacy among its potential members, as 7 in 10 respondents said they would tell their friends about it.

AI is looking strong

As AI continues to seep into our daily lives, feelings about the rise of this technology vary greatly. How do fitness enthusiasts perceive AI in the context of fitness and exercise?

perceptions of ai in fitness

Of those surveyed, nearly 8 in 10 expressed an interest in joining a gym that uses AI to tailor fitness programs and provide real-time responses and adjustments to optimize workouts. Respondents highlighted several major selling points of AI-powered workout routines, and 78% felt personalization was the most desired feature. Following personalization, 68% were excited about AI efficiency, and 63% felt that fitness supported by AI could be a cost-effective alternative to existing fitness options.

However, respondents were concerned about possible technical glitches (77%) and a lack of human connection (65%). Additionally, 50% expressed concerns about an overall increased dependency on technology.

To overcome these concerns, more than 60% of fitness enthusiasts would trust AI technology more if a well-established fitness brand developed it. The most trusted AI fitness brand to date is  Apple’s upcoming health coach feature — Quartz, with 51% of respondents trusting it, closely followed by Google at 48%. Google’s acquisition of Fitbit (another big name in health and wellness technology) might have had something to do with its ranking; Nike came in third place at 39%.

Can you replace your gym buddy with a bot? 

Even though AI technology has only been available to the general public for a short while, its adaptation has been rapid. We asked survey respondents how they’ve already incorporated AI into their fitness routines and how they hope to do so in the future.

experience with ai in fitness

Notably, 12% of survey respondents said they had already utilized an AI bot like ChatGPT to generate workouts. The most common regimens generated were strength training, running, and bodyweight exercises. Surprisingly, of those who used ChatGPT to generate fitness plans, an impressive 12% reported achieving a new personal record from the AI-guided workout. Furthermore, nearly 20% claimed ChatGPT outperformed the majority of personal trainers they’ve used in the past, showcasing the potential of AI technology to provide valuable fitness guidance and support.

With all of this fitness potential, nearly 4 in 10 survey respondents were willing to cancel their traditional gym memberships in favor of an AI fitness subscription. As AI evolves and enhances the wellness landscape, transformative shifts in how individuals engage with exercise and training will continue, placing AI at the forefront of the fitness revolution.

The future of fitness 

As the use of AI technologies continues to change and reverberate throughout different fields of study, it will be interesting to observe how they influence the fitness and exercise space. Whether it’s an entirely AI-generated gym brand or an improvement upon an already successful workout plan, the most important step in fitness is getting up and staying active.


We surveyed 1,000 American fitness enthusiasts regarding their perception of AI in the fitness industry. The mean age of respondents was 40 years old. Among them, 46% were male, 52% were female, and 2% were non-binary. Respondents comprised the following generational breakdown: 7% Gen Z, 26% Gen X, 55% millennials, and 13% baby boomers.

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