Embracing Los Angeles with Velotric

Embracing Los Angeles with Velotric

In an evolving world, one constant remains: Los Angeles is a mecca of possibilities. From the industrial bustle of pursuing lifelong dreams, to the iconic beaches lining the pacific coast, there is no shortage of restaurants, hiking, celebrity sightings…and the list goes on. While one can argue that traffic serves as a form of initiation to the city, what would it look like to navigate the city’s abundant offerings, free from the inevitable commuter congestion?

Introducing the Velotric Discover 1 ebike, the tailor-made solution to discovering the best of your city's unique neighborhoods. It’s finally time to get reacquainted with Los Angeles!


Riding Velotric ebike in Downtown Los Angeles


Start your day with coffee at Verve in DTLA. As you accelerate with throttle-on-demand or the 3-level pedal assist, you can ride through traffic with confidence, relying on the front and rear disk brakes to adhere to any traffic stop (and built-in brake lights lighting up the momentary pauses).

If you’re seeking a more substantial bite, try the crunchy french toast or any of the scrumptious egg dishes at Blu Jam Cafe. Or if undaunted by the paradox of choice, Grand Central Market allows the opportunity to have a taste of everything your palate craves, not to mention the ample bike parking. Then, cruise by the Broad Museum and Walt Disney Concert Hall using the integrated display to track your speed, mileage, and status as you head to your next stop.

 Riding to cafe in Arts District in Los Angeles


Ride northeast and you’ll pass through the vast cultural pockets as you make your way to Silverlake. The Discover 1 has been uniquely engineered to merge commuter and cruiser elements into one, allowing you to control how the bike can best serve you. Whether in a hurry to catch a meeting or giving way to wanderlust, switch back and forth from full throttle to pedal assist with ease.

If you’re ready for more food, try the clean, tasty Taiwanese flavors at Pine & Crane, or some farmer’s market-inspired plates at Botanica Restaurant. If you do happen to pop in, be sure to visit the boutique shops and florist at The Velvet Poppy a few doors down, and don’t forget the rear rack can carry any treats you may purchase along the way (your pockets can only hold so many)!

Thought bike lanes are becoming more popular, you can handle the provincial hills and unexpected surfaces in Los Angeles with wide puncture-resistant tires. And with the Shimano 7-speed derailleur, you can shift gears for different landscapes. Those with a predilection for an active lifestyle need not sacrifice a good sweat for ease or comfort. Simply reserve the throttle and pedal up to Griffith Observatory for a 360-degree view of the city, then use the throttle when you want to cool down.


Riding Velotric ebike in Venice Beach


Just like putting on your favorite pair of shades as the sun begins to set, the sleek design of the Velotric Discover 1 just feels cool. With all of that power left, end your day on the pier of Santa Monica before heading down to Venice.

Arrive in style to an evening of sushi at KazuNori or vegan eats at The Butcher’s Daughter. You’ll be doing a lot of riding/walking here, and the ergonomic seating and step-through design makes it easy to get on and off the bike with ease, as you enjoy all the festive evening performances the boardwalk has to offer.

The next stop is up to you - just charge up your Discover 1 and embrace your new-found freedom!


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  • Dana K McMurrin

    My Discover1 arrived today. It was simple to put together. We were on the road in less than an hour! We road 7 miles the first night. I am 56 years old and have not been on a bike for 30 years. I rode my husband’s (different brand) bike around the yard last night. It was completely wrong for me. The Discover1 was a perfect fit! The controls were easily accessible, easy to learn. I had to relearn how to stop and hop off of the seat…but that had nothing to do with the bike! Bravo Velotric. I believe you are on your way to taking the ebike world by storm!!

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