Electric Bike Accessories That Are Most Useful for Daily Rides

Electric Bike Accessories That Are Most Useful for Daily Rides

The popularity of electric bikes continues to rise, and it’s easy to see why: There isn’t a more innovative and entertaining way to ride than an electric bike. 

You would be hard-pressed to find a cooler, more stylish way to get around town. Electric bikes are a true symbol of how far technology has come regarding cycling. 

Who wouldn’t want to be seen zipping around town in one of these sleek ebikes? Enough said. 

While electric bikes are awesome in their own right, that should never stop you from making something more awesome. What’s the key to making an electric bike even better? That’s right: accessories! 

Imagine you’re getting ready for a night out on the town. You look great — rocking your favorite outfit and ready to conquer the world. What could make your look and night even better? Accessories. 

Think of the electric bike as your go-to outfit and the accessories as your favorite piece of jewelry. It brings the whole look together and truly completes it. 

It’s the same idea here. Let’s get accessorizing: 

Why Should I Buy an Electric Bike?

If you’re looking at accessories for an electric bike, odds are you probably own one. But, for those of you that are on the fence about investing in an ebike, this section is super important. 

Even if you already own one, keep reading — you might discover something new! 

There are so many benefits to owning an electric bike. While this article is about accessories for your ebike, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t at least include a few key positives of owning an electric bike. 

Ebikes Make Commuting Easier

The days of using public transportation or traditional bicycles to get to work or school are over. 

Perhaps no group benefits more from electric bikes than commuters. Instead of relying on unreliable transportation or showing up to work drenched in sweat, wouldn’t it be easier to have something help you out? 

That’s exactly what an electric bike can do — trips from home to work or school become that much easier. 

Ebikes Are More Environmentally Friendly Than Cars

Of course, the biggest benefit of electric bikes is their environmental impact, reducing net CO2 emissions of at least 460kg a year, according to research. The use of ebike can prevent pollution by replacing the emissions created by gasoline-powered vehicles. As a huge bonus, they also make little-to-no noise. If you’re looking to eliminate your carbon footprint, look no further than an electric bike.

Now that you know a few key benefits of owning an electric bike, let’s get into the reason we’re all here: accessories.

Accessories for ebikes

So, you’ve bought an electric bike. Maybe you’ve been using it every day and are loving the experience. Maybe you’ve used it a few times but are still enjoying every second of every ride. Or, perhaps you’ve bought one and think it needs just a bit more to complete your purchase. 

Whatever your situation is, one thing is for sure: You can always fully maximize awesomeness. Electric bikes are no exception, as accessories can help take your electric bike from awesome to out-of-this-world. 

Think of how jealous you can make all of your biker friends when they see you pull up in a fully tricked-out electric bike with all the bells and whistles. You’ll be the talk of the town, the big person on campus, and any other analogy you can think of for how awesome you would feel. 

There really isn’t a feeling like it. We can do our best to describe it in words, but only you have the power to know how it truly feels. 

With all that being said, here are the key accessories that will maximize your investment in an electric bike. 

Front and Rear Racks 

If we’re talking sheer practicality, front and rear bike racks would probably rank number one. Seriously, they’re just so darn useful and convenient, like an elevated bike bag.

There are two types of racks you can pick for your bike: a front rack or a rear rack. The choice is yours, and it’ll likely depend on a few factors: 

  • Stuff: Basically, how much stuff do you have to transport? Front racks can typically hold more space, so if you’re going camping, carrying a ton of supplies to work or school, planning a day at the beach, or doing any other activities that require a bunch of stuff, a front rack is probably the move. 
  • Style: Once again, this is your call. You might prefer to have all of your stuff strapped behind you for style or practicality purposes. It’s your ride, so pick whatever you think looks best!
  • Installation: Because front racks are bigger, they typically take a bit more time to install. There is still some work involved with the rear rack, but it’s a tad more beginner (and time) friendly. 

Battery Packs 

Electric bikes are so simple and fun because all you have to do is charge them, and you’re all set to go as far as you want. Our bike batteries at Velotric typically last up to 55 miles at assist levels 1 to 3. 

Unfortunately, an infinite power source hasn’t been invented (yet), but there are alternative options available if you want to push on even further. 

One of these options is an extra ebike battery pack. They’re light, easily transportable, and super simple to use. As a bonus, we offer our batteries in eight different colors so you can match your ebike and battery with your glowing personality. 

In addition to increased distance and more style, you can’t put a price on peace of mind. 

Let’s say you have to be somewhere important, and you’re taking your ebike to get there. What happens if you forget to charge your bike? Or worse, what if the rechargeable battery is low, and you start riding without realizing it? 

Fortunately, you can ride easily, knowing that you always have a trusted and stylish backup plan. Then, when you get home, make use of your trusty charger, and you’ll be filling up your saddle bag to hit the road again before you know it. 

Bike Helmets

As a bike company, we can’t believe we need to dedicate an entire section to this. Avoiding a serious head injury should be on everyone’s to-do list. 

With electric bikes, a helmet becomes 100 times more essential. Think about every time you see a motorcyclist on the road without a helmet. It’s dangerous! 

While electric bikes probably aren’t topping 70mph on the freeway anytime soon, you’re still riding a motorized vehicle. Wear a helmet, even on test rides around the block. 

We don’t mean to sound like an overbearing mother, but we care about our customers and the millions of other riders in the world. 

Plus, we offer several types of helmets: Check out the Lumos Matrix MIPS Helmet. It’s sleek and stylish, with lights in the back that serve as an extra safety feature (besides looking cool). 

Don’t think of wearing a helmet as a chore. Think of it as yet another way you can customize your ebike and add some more of that beautiful personality to your ride. 

Handlebar Grips

Handlebar Grips help maximize comfort throughout your journey. 

If you’re a commuter, it’s likely you’re well-adjusted to rides on the longer side in order to get to and from work or school. While ebikes give you a boost when riding, you’re still doing a good amount of work. That means you’re going to sweat a little, and there’s nothing worse than sweaty palms when you’re trying to enjoy your ride. 

Plus, some people might simply find the handlebars uncomfortable. We pride ourselves on quality, but everyone has their own preference. Handlebar grips are an excellent and cost-effective option to upgrade your comfort and safety on your electric bike. 

Water Bottles

There is nothing more inconvenient than trying to find space to keep your water bottle on a ride. That’s why our bikes come with a bottle holder.

It’s essential to stay hydrated, especially during longer rides or hot days. With summer rapidly approaching, you’re going to need all the hydration your body can handle. Fortunately, you can keep your body going in style with our five-star water bottle

Is there a worse feeling than being super thirsty during a workout and not having water available? It’s certainly up there. Avoid that feeling and ride for longer by staying hydrated through every ride, no matter how long or short. 

Brake Pads

Finally, we finish our key accessory list with one of the biggest safety essentials besides a helmet: brake pads. Brake pads help to ensure your brake system runs and works smoothly, especially in wet and slippery conditions. 

They are once again a forgotten necessity for bikers, as they wear out quicker than you may think. Fortunately, Velotric offers top-quality, affordable replacements if you’re ever in need. 

Miscellaneous Essentials

A relaxing bike ride is just what we need some days (most days, really). Ensuring we’re prepared for the unexpected can make sure every ride is as enjoyable as possible.

Don’t forget these must-haves:

  • Air pump: flat tires are the kryptonite of joy rides
  • Tool kit/repair kit (several wrenches, screwdriver, zip ties, chain tool, duct tape)
  • A phone mount (if you have a cell phone)
  • A lock: That could be a chain lock, folding lock, u-lock, or more
  • Bike lights: Make sure your headlights and tail lights are up and ready before heading out. 
  • A bike cover: if you keep your bike outside, a cover can protect the metal and luxurious bike seat material.
  • Review mirror: Don’t use your bike phone in selfie mode to check behind you. That’s not the purpose of the phone holder. 


At Velotric, we pride ourselves on jump-starting your journey of spontaneous exploration, both internally and on the trails. 

We are an electric bike company built for those with a curious mind and an open heart. Anyone and everyone is welcome to find a place in the Velotric and ebike community. 

Velotric is dedicated to reigniting that excited childhood flame of learning to ride a bike and exploring as much as you can whenever you can. 


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