16 Essential E-Bike Accessories

16 Essential E-Bike Accessories

The market for electric bicycles is booming, with sales projected to increase drastically throughout 2023. If you’re considering getting an electric bike, now is a great time to make your move.

E-bikes offer many benefits: saving money on gas, reducing your carbon footprint, and enjoying fun exercise. E-bikes are also a wonderful way to explore the great outdoors, letting you cycle faster and farther thanks to the support of an electric motor.

Whatever type of e-bike you get, you’ll want some essential e-bike accessories. The right gear can give you a more comfortable and safer ride. Read on for our roundup of the must-have electric bike accessories.

Safety accessories

Safety comes first, always. These accessories can help protect you and other cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists.


A helmet helps protect against head injuries if you’re in an accident. Research shows that helmets protect against traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and save lives. In our view, this is the most important accessory for any cyclist.

Some states require helmets by law to protect cyclists. Even if helmets aren’t mandated where you live, it’s a good idea to wear one.

There are different helmet styles to suit different purposes, including mountain bike, road bike, and commuter bike helmets. For example, mountain bike helmets often come with a visor to protect cyclists from dirt and debris getting in their eyes during bike rides on unpaved trails.

Velotric offers a variety of bicycle helmets, from sports helmets to commuter helmets.


E-bike lights help improve visibility. Front lights (or headlights) allow you to see what’s in front of you when you’re cycling, reducing the risk of hitting another person or vehicle.

Meanwhile, rear lights (or taillights) allow people to see more easily from behind, reducing the risk they’ll hit you. Lights are especially important when cycling at dusk or when it’s dark out.

You can also affix lights to your helmet to improve your vision. Some helmets, like this one from Velotric, even come with lights. You can also buy a light set to add to your helmet.


e bike reflectors

Reflectors are another accessory that helps increase visibility. They’re affixed to key points on your bike — usually the rear, front, pedal, and wheel. As the name suggests, reflectors reflect light, attracting the eye.

Some bikes come with reflectors. For example, Velotric Nomad 1 and Velotric Discover 1 have front and rear reflectors included in the sale price. The front reflector is white, while the back reflector is red — signaling to those behind you, “STOP!”

The white front reflector is attached around the handlebar, near the stem, with the white part facing forward. The red rear reflector is installed around the seat post, so the red face points toward the rear.


E-bike mirrors are another accessory designed to improve visibility. In this case, mirrors make it easier for you, the cyclist, to see what’s happening at your sides and behind you.

When you’re midcycle, turning around and looking over your shoulder to scope out what’s in your periphery or backside is uncomfortable and dangerous. With small mirrors installed on your handlebars, you can glance down quickly to scope out your surroundings.

Once you’ve installed rearview mirrors on your bike, sit on the seat and assume your normal riding stance. Check the mirrors and adjust them (usually mounted on a flexible arm) to give you the best possible view of your sides and back.

Battery charger 

The e-bike battery is the heart of your bike — and what sets it apart from a traditional bicycle. This rechargeable battery powers the motor and allows for functionality like pedal assist and throttle assist.

Make sure your e-bike battery is regularly charged, or it’ll run out of juice midcycle. It’s important to have a battery charger for a power boost when needed.

How often you charge the battery depends on your cycling frequency and intensity, battery capacity, and charge rate. For example, Velotric’s removable e-bike battery charges fully in six hours. 

Velotric’s standard charger works for the Discover 1 and Nomad 1 e-bikes.

Brake pads 

Brakes are essential for cycling safety, ensuring you can make quick stops and avoid collisions. Brake pads are an important part of the brake system. Over time, brake pads can get worn down due to the constant friction they’re exposed to.

Brakes can also get worn out faster, for example, if you frequently brake when coasting down hills. Extra brake pads can help if your e-bike isn’t braking as sharply as it should.

How often should you replace your bike’s brake pads? Experts recommend swapping when there are 1.5 millimeters (mm) or less of brake material.


Your e-bike is an investment, and you want to protect it. While it’s not a fun thought, people do steal e-bikes. A sturdy lock can help keep your bike safe.

There are different types of locks to choose from. D-locks or u-locks are giant padlocks that go around the bike and affix it to a bike rack or another stationary object.

Chain locks consist of metal links that are separately locked with a padlock. Cable locks are more lightweight, consisting of a looped cable that can go around the bike and affix to a rack.

A folding lock from Velotric is another option. This bike lock is made of cementation steel and has a zinc alloy lock core, offering strength and security. It weighs 2.65 pounds and is 38.2 inches long.

Repair toolkit 

Again, this isn’t fun to think about, but e-bikes can break! While some repairs require a pro, there are smaller fixes you can do on your own — if you have the right tools. A standard e-bike repair kit might include a tire lever, tire patches, wrenches, and pliers.

Keeping a repair toolkit in your bike bag when you cycle ensures you can address small issues, like a punctured tire. Ideally, you’ll be able to fix the issue well enough to get your e-bike home or to a repair shop. For example, a tire patch can help you ride farther until you can swap out your tire.

Velotric’s Discover 1 and Nomad 1 come with a basic toolkit.

Storage and transport accessories

Carrying goods on your e-bike is helpful, especially if you’re using the bike for commuting to work or school — or for a gig as a delivery driver. The items below make transporting goods easier from point A to point B.


A saddlebag is a great way to carry everything from your lunch to schoolbooks or work papers. There are different saddlebags for different purposes. Saddlebags are generally categorized as “everyday carry” or “bikepacking.”

You might use an everyday bag to carry small tools and possessions. A larger bag can carry clothes, food, and even camping gear like a tent — perfect for overnight getaways like camping trips.

One handy style of bag is a pannier bag. This generally has two compartments: the bag is slung over the back bike rack and rear wheel, with a compartment on either side of the wheel. A rear pannier bag can carry about 44 pounds (up to 20 kilograms).

Mounted racks 

e bike mounted racks

Unlike a saddlebag — which you can remove from the bike any time — a bike rack is mounted directly to the frame. This provides stability and security and is a convenient way to hold small everyday items.

There are front racks, which are affixed under the handlebars, and rear racks, which sit over the rear wheel. Racks can come with cords to help keep items in place as you cycle.

Not all bike racks are suitable for all bike frames. For example, Velotric has a different rear rack for the Nomad 1 than for the Discover 1.

Phone mount 

Of course, you shouldn’t use your cellphone for activities like texting while riding your e-bike. However, you might use it for other purposes — like getting audio GPS directions. A phone mount can be handy if you’re a delivery driver who uses an app to pick up and deliver goods.

A bike phone mount helps secure your mobile device within reach and vision. This improves accessibility, as you don’t have to dig in your pocket or bag to find your phone.

Velotric’s bike phone mount attaches to the bike’s handlebars and fits phones from 3.5 to 6.5 inches.

Water bottle holder 

One of the great things about e-bikes is that they make for a wonderful workout. You’re bound to get parched when you’re breaking a sweat, so it’s convenient to have a water bottle holder or bottle cage on your bike.

This ensures you can quench your thirst without having to stop. Take an eco-friendly approach and invest in a reusable plastic water bottle (you don’t want to risk glass, which can shatter in a crash), like this one from Velotric.

Cargo straps 

If you’re transporting large items on your bike rack, cargo straps are a must. Cargo straps are more robust than a simple cord and can help attach items to the rack, preventing them from slipping out — for example, if you take a tight turn or go over a bump.

Cargo straps are especially useful for bulkier or misshapen items that may not fit snugly inside a bike basket or rack. For example, cargo straps are handy if you’re going backpacking and have tenting gear on your back rack.

Comfort accessories

You want to be comfortable when cycling, especially if you plan to ride long distances. Ramp up the comfort factor with these accessories.

Handlebar grips 

e bike handlebar grips

You might find your fingers cramped when you’re gripping the handlebars of your e-bike for extended periods. Another problem is that the skin on your hands gets rubbed raw, causing blisters.

Handlebar grips are the solution. These are affixed to the handlebars and create an ergonomic grip, so it’s more comfortable to hold onto the handlebars

Velotric’s handlebar grips are ribbed to improve traction — great for those with sweaty palms!


A kickstand helps keep your e-bike standing when you aren’t using it. It’s a quick solution when you need to hop off for a moment, but you don’t necessarily need to lock up and secure the bike.

Most e-bikes come with a kickstand. For example, Velotric’s e-bikes come with a heavy-duty aluminum kickstand with a wide foot.

Sometimes, you may need to install the kickstand after getting the bike. The bike’s bottom frame bar should have a hole where you can affix the kickstand bracket using a bolt. Use a wrench to bolt the kickstand in place.

Comfort saddle 

e bike comfort saddle

You spend long periods sitting on your bike — a comfortable saddle can make all the difference. The right saddle depends on the purpose. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for all cyclists.

For example, a road bike saddle tends to be slimmer than a commuter bike saddle. Learn about the types of saddles and their features to see which one is right for you. Your physical features are another factor in determining the ideal saddle. For example, women’s saddles tend to be wider.

If you’re a casual cyclist looking to use your bike for everyday commuting, a comfort seat that’s a bit wider and offers sufficient padding could be ideal. Velotric’s bike seats prioritize comfort, with plenty of cushioning and a width of 220 mm that accommodates all types of bodies.

Discover Velotric e-bike accessories

Don’t want to scour 10 bike shops to get the necessary accessories? Velotric has you covered. Check out our accessories store to find e-bike essentials in one convenient online shop.

Velotric’s e-bike accessories are great additions to our e-bikes. Try the Discover 1 for urban cycling and the Nomad 1, a fat tire bike, for off-roading. 

We offer more for our customers with every order, including a toolkit, front and rear fenders, front and rear reflectors, a front light, a bell, and a top-quality lithium-ion battery with a charger.

From storage racks to locks, helmets, and more, our shop has the most important items you need to cycle safely and comfortably. Start shopping.

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