Best 7 Places To Ride Your E-Bike in California

Best 7 Places To Ride Your E-Bike in California

If you’re a biking fanatic, it might be time to consider moving to the beautiful state of California. 

There are so many bike trails it would be impossible to include every breathtaking view and invigorating path on just one list. National parks, beachside, urban and retail hubs, abandoned railroads — you name it! 

Still, we’ve tried to narrow it down to seven amazing trails for you to bring your e-bike on the next time you visit the Golden State. These are unranked and put in no particular order. Each one offers something different, so we tried not to repeat too many coastal or park trails, since California has a lot of those. 

Before we begin, be sure to review California’s e-bike laws to make sure you can take your favorite bike along for the ride.

The Strand, Los Angeles 

Also known as the Marvin Braude Bike Trail, this 22-mile smooth-paved trail takes you through some of LA’s iconic locations, such as the Santa Monica Pier and surrounding coastline, Venice Beach, Marina Del Rey, and other beloved beach towns that give this trail so much character. 

Aside from the countless sights you’re sure to encounter, this trail is also populated with shops, bars, restaurants, swimming and fishing spots, and so much more. This trail is less of an exercise-oriented path and more of an opportunity to relax, sightsee, and take frequent breaks to explore every nook and cranny a little more deeply.

Beautiful sunsets and rises, the smell of the ocean air, and more than enough fun to keep you occupied for an entire day: What are you waiting for? 

Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail, Monterey County 

The Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail is one of the most stunning coastal bike trails in California. While there isn’t quite as much to do as you’ll find at the Strand, there’s much more to see. There are even spots along the 18-mile trail where the Pacific Ocean waves famously crash against the rocks and slightly splash the trail. 

Also, just because there isn’t quite as much to do as the Strand trail doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. Seeing the sights themselves is already an activity, but there’s also the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Fisherman’s Wharf, Cannery Row, and a decent amount of bars and restaurants located on or slightly off the trail. 

Speaking of sights, you can expect constant ocean views, multi-million dollar hillside mansions, colorful and bright parks, and a wildlife scene that you’ll need to see to believe. It’s an ideal trail to sightsee and cruise on your new e-bike

Mission Bay Bike Path, San Diego

In a city that’s known for its bike paths, one stands out in particular: Mission Bay Bike Path. 

Mission Bay is a 12-mile trail that covers over 4,200 acres, surrounded by 27 miles of breathtaking shoreline. This path is completely paved, smooth, and flat and runs through a few of San Diego’s entertaining attractions. 

On your journey, you’re likely to see multiple seaside parks, wildlife habitats, beautiful houses, a unique view of the San Diego skyline, SeaWorld, and more. 

San Diego is known for its numerous rough and offroad trails. While these trails can be fun, they’re typically reserved for experienced riders with a proper fat tire or mountain bike. 

Joe Rodota Bike Trail, Santa Rosa

The Joe Rodota Bike Trail in Santa Rosa is a paved, 8.5-mile offroad trail that runs along an old rail line. This beautiful trail is surrounded by mountains, trees, farmlands, and a 30,000-acre wetland complex. 

While biking on this trail, you’ll encounter a few unique sites, like mountains, old abandoned farmhouses and train stations, beautiful fields filled with flowers and wildlife, farmland, and more. 

While there isn’t a lot to do along the way compared to paths like the Strand, this trail is a nice change of pace thanks to its refreshing quietness and calming ambiance. 

As a bonus, this path is especially breathtaking in the spring and fall. The fall specifically brings so many unique and beautiful colors to the trail that give it an entirely new personality. 

Sacramento River Rail Trail, Sacramento 

If you love being surrounded by nature, we recommend checking out the Sacramento River Rail Trail. This 20-mile path is placed between two hydroelectric dams and is surrounded by wilderness and mountains. 

On this ride, you’ll see an abundance of wildlife, snowcapped mountains, the rushing flow of the river, and scenery that will entice you to step off your bike for a photo op.

Check this trail out if you want to get away from city life. It’s a beautiful ride that will calm the body and soul. 

Modoc Line Rail Trail, Modoc County

Easily the most unique inclusion on this list, the Modoc Line Rail Trial offers a new and different experience. 

Stretching for a vast 85 miles, this is also the longest entry on our list. Like Joe Rodota, this path also follows an old rail line. The biggest difference is the overall distance and the location, as this trail provides a beautiful glimpse into what eastern California has to offer.

With over 2,000 acres of rangeland, desert, forest, and more, this trail takes you through multiple biomes to ensure you’ll be seeing something unique every step of the way. 

Mammoth Lakes Town Loop, Mammoth Lakes 

Finally, we end with another nature-oriented trail: the Mammoth Lakes Town Loop

This California town is renowned for its mountain biking, so we wanted to give you a trail that’s easily e-bike accessible and is a little more relaxing, although still challenging. This trail takes you through high-altitude paved paths with endless views of snowcapped mountains and is free of cars. 

Get Going With Velotric

Now that you know some of the best places to bike in California, you’re going to need a proper bike to hit all these trails. At Velotric, we’re here to provide all your e-bike needs so you can focus on the journey and the world around you. 

Let us take care of the hard part so you can enjoy every second of your ride. Enjoy the trails, and we’ll see you out there! 


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