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Finding the 'Goldilocks' E-Bike
I have been biking since I was four years old. If my math is any good, that would mean that I have been riding for seventy-four years. The bike I am riding now, a Velotric T1 ST, is by far and away my favorite of all the bikes I have ever owned.
In December of 2020, we moved to Rochester, Minnesota. Here I found a city that was hugely bike friendly with over 85 miles of paved bike paths and dedicated bike lanes on all the major streets. Over the next three-plus years, I purchased a total of ten e-bikes. There were some good bikes and some not-so-good bikes. They varied in price from a low of $950 to a high of $4800. I would ride them for a while and then sell them to purchase something different or what I believed was better. I became addicted to any and all YouTube videos about e-bikes and watched review after review.
In almost all of the bikes that I owned, there was something that I just felt was missing. Then, I saw the Velotric T1 ST. Now, I had promised myself never to buy another bike that I had not had a chance to ride first. However, after watching no less than six or seven reviews on the bike, I decided to take a chance. I was not disappointed. I loved the stealth look of the bike and the light weight. This bike is ridden almost every day for recreation, errands, and exercise. My rides average 15-25 miles and they are over flat roads and bike paths and some very steep hills. The ST can do it all. Is the bike perfect? No, it is not, but it comes pretty close and every time I ride the bike, I realize what an incredible machine it is. The fun quotient is over the top.
Finally, I would be remiss in not mentioning another factor and an important one in buying a bike either online or from a dealer. That factor is the customer service. The customer service at Velotric is second to none in my opinion. They went the extra mile for me and followed up several days later just to make sure everything was working properly. When you buy a bike, you are also buying into a particular company. When you buy a Velotric bike you can do so with the confidence that the company will be there to support their product and they do so because they value you as a customer. You cannot ask for more than that.
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