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A Mile A Day Keeps The Doctor Away
I had browsed E-Bikes in the past, but most bikes always seemed too expensive or impractical. I saw an ad for Velotric on Facebook and checked them out. This was right at the time they were announcing the Nomad 1. Seeing both the price and the specs, I decided this bike seemed right for me. The single largest factor of why I chose Velotric was the 440lb weight capacity of the bikes. As a heavier individual, this was an important attribute that most other bikes did not possess, most others listing capacity as 300lbs with a few listing up to 350lbs.
Since owning this bike, I’ve put about 2,000 miles on it. One reason I had been interested in an e-bike was due to having a bad knee. This made conventional bikes too difficult as my knee would get tired during a ride and limit how far I could travel, not to mention causing excessive soreness. I was also happy I could get a Step-Thru frame to make it easier to get on it with my knee. My Velotric Nomad 1 gave me the ability to decide how much I wanted to pedal and allowed me to work out my knee without having to worry about how far I went or if my knee would get too sore.
This newfound freedom reinvigorated my desire to go to the beach and hit the trails. I take my bike to work about 11 miles away when the weather is nice and even ride it during lunch breaks. I take it to the beach to ride along the shoreline. I hit the trails that are in my city as well. I’ve even taken the bike up to Acadia National Park in Maine and biked around the fire roads that interweave throughout the park.
Since getting this bike, I’ve reduced my knee pain and weakness by safely working my knee out while riding. I’ve lost over 50lbs just by going out more to ride and do things outdoors. It’s been one of the best purchases I’ve made and I’m very happy I discovered Velotric when I did.
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