Jason K.
Based In
Orrstown, PA
It's a Bird, lt's a Plane. lt's a Velotric Superfan!
I've been riding bikes since I was eight, skipping training wheels and diving straight into the thrill of it all. A little push down the hill, a small crash, and boom, I was hooked! Ever since then, it's been pedals and pathways!
When Velotric hit the scene with their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo back in 2021, I was all in, snagging spots as backer #1 and #13. People had their doubts and queries about this new kid on the block, but I took it upon myself to address each one. Now? Consider me a die-hard 'Velotric superfan'. As my wife and I venture into our 'second half' of life, we snagged a pair of Discover 1 ebikes to keep the wheels turning, and to make sure she can keep up with my pace! :)
Our rides usually take us along light trails, courtesy of our trusty Discover 1 and 2 e-bikes. They're not just for recreation, though; we use them to zip around town, whether it's visiting family, running errands, or making a beeline for the pickleball courts! What's not to love about the Discover eBikes? They're dependable, powerful, have a great battery life, and they're just downright fun to cruise on. With four Velotric eBikes already in our stable, I've got my eye on a few more to add to the collection!
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