Megan L.
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Highlands Ranch, CO
A Ride Towards Recovery
My husband Kerwin and I bike. A lot! For years we have rented bikes on vacation from the woods of Canada to the streets of Amsterdam. We churn out the single track on our mountain bikes in our open space and ride the metro waterway bike paths of Denver to a myriad of local micro breweries.
And then my mitral valve, well, melted. I had heart surgery in July 2021 which took the wind out of my sails. All of a sudden my heart rate was too fast when I biked, maybe a little chest pain. And then hubby bought me my new best friend, a T1 ST, in the spring of 2023. In the Lava colorway, of course. Holy cow I love this bike! I don't turn on the pedal-assist until I need it. Took it to Ragbrai, the 510-mile bike ride across Iowa for 7 days in July 2023 with my hand-cycle buddy Paul. It handled 80- to 90-mile days easily. Rode it across the Texas hill country over 4 days and only charged it once. My T1 ST loves single track, bike paths, gravel and I can lift it onto our bike rack. It's been a life-changing bike, and I’m hitting the trails. See you out there!
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