Is a Step-Through Electric Bike Right for You?

Is a Step-Through Electric Bike Right for You?

Did you know the step-through bicycle came about in the early 1900s due to women’s apparel? The step-through frame was created for modesty reasons.  At the time, it was not considered ladylike to ride a bicycle while wearing a dress or skirt, nor was it easy to maneuver over the top tube (aka cross bar).   

Today, the step-through frame design is gender-neutral and enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s a great choice for those who appreciate an easy bike to handle. The low frame design provides easy access to get on and off the bike, making it a great choice for people with lesser mobility.

If you're in the market for an ebike, step-through bikes are a great choice for riders who want a comfortable, stylish ebike that’s easy to ride. With their low-frame design, step-through are statement-making cruisers that are easy to use.

What is a Step-Through Electric Bike? 

The most notable feature of a step-through ebike is the frame style. The traditional diamond-shaped frame found on mountain bikes and other styles is replaced with a low-frame design. Instead of swinging your leg over the top tube, you can simply step through the middle of the frame, hence why it was originally great for the dress-wearing crowd.

The fitted electric motor and battery provide the convenience of power-assisted cycling. This means that cyclists can go farther, longer, and faster with ease.

If you struggle with traditional bicycles due to their height and maneuverability, a step-through electric bike is an excellent alternative. 

step-through electric bike

Step-through ebikes are ideal for riders with mobility issues, seniors, or those looking for an easier and more relaxed way of cycling due to their low-frame design. Ebikes can also be used by novice cyclists that may not have the strength or skill yet to navigate steeper hills or uneven terrain. The motor provides a power boost to help navigate those challenges and make cycling much easier. 

People looking for a stylish way to make an entrance also appreciate the step-through frame design. It’s a great choice for business casual or fashion-forward riders who might find it difficult to swing their legs over the crossbar in a suit or dress. 

Step-through ebikes are also a great option for bike deliveries. When you’re making a lot of pit stops, a step-through frame makes it incredibly easy to mount and dismount.

What about height? Most step-through ebikes cater to cyclists of certain heights. The Velotric Discover 1 Step-Thru ebike, for example, is more suitable for riders between 5’1” and 6’4”. In comparison, the Discover 1 High-Step is best suited for riders 5’6” to 6”9”. It's important to check the specifications of the bike you’re interested in to ensure it's suitable for your height and weight.

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The Advantages of Step-Through Ebikes 

Owning a step-though ebike can be beneficial for a variety of reasons.  Let’s dive into some of the advantages to consider before making your purchase.

Easy to Mount or Dismount 

Step-though ebikes are easy to mount and dismount, which is great for those with limited mobility, senior riders, or anyone experiencing difficulty in lifting their leg. Step-though bikes are also a more convenient option for people who often need to transport parcels or frequently find themselves in stop-and-go traffic. If your bike is loaded with cargo , getting off the seat quickly on a step-through ebike can be extremely beneficial throughout the day.0

Ease of Control and Safety 

Step-though ebikes are known for being easier to maneuver. This can be beneficial for cyclists who are just getting started with cycling or those reigniting an old passion. As cyclists become more comfortable on their bikes, the low-frame design and more upright riding position make it easy to adjust speed and control. 

Great for Commuting

Step-through bikes are an excellent commuting option for the corporate crowd who need to wear business casual. Step-through electric bikes make it easy to get on and off without breaking a sweat. Speaking of sweat, you won’t arrive at work a hot mess thanks to the power assistance of the motor. It helps riders arrive at their destination without being exhausted. Some bikes even feature integrated lights and racks for carrying items to make commuting even more convenient. 

electric bike great for commuting

Comfortable Riding Position 

The upright riding position of a step-through ebike makes it easier to maintain good posture. It also takes some pressure off your wrists, hands, and arms while cycling due to the position of the handlebars, which benefits those with joint pain or mobility issues. 

Velotric Discover 1 Step-Thru Electric Bike 

Stylish. Comfortable. Easy to use. The Velotric Discover 1 Step-Thru Electric Bike is a perfect choice for those looking for a comfortable and fun ride. The frame is made from lightweight aluminum, making it durable and easy to transport from work to your next journey. The 48V 14.4Ah battery provides power assistance while you ride, helping you navigate hills or uneven terrain with ease. 

It’s also safe. We tested the Velotric Discover 1 thousands of times to ensure premium quality  at an affordable price.  An integrated braking high-beam rear light and double hydraulic disc brakes keep cyclists visible and in control of the road.

The Discover 1 is no one-trick pony, It’s great for those who want to do more than one cycling activity.  Whether you're doing a race or going on an outdoor adventure, the Discover 1 effortlessly handles various road conditions. It also comes in four stylish color options (cyan, mango, indigo gray, and silver) so you can stand out among the pack or pick an ebike to suit your mood.

Ride in Style with a Step-Through Ebike

Step-through electric bikes provide a comfortable, safe, and stylish ebike experience. From easy mounting and dismounting to increased safety and control, you can’t go wrong with this bike style. 

Choose the Velotric Discover 1 Step-Thru Electric Bike if you’re looking for an all-in-one ebike that effortlessly adjusts to your riding style. Get a step-thru ebike from Velotric today and enjoy riding in comfort! 

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