Florida Keys Bike Trails Where Electric Bikes Are Welcome

Florida Keys Bike Trails Where Electric Bikes Are Welcome

Florida is called the Sunshine State for a reason: 365 days of warm weather, beaches, wildlife, and delicious seafood. 

Still, if there’s one part of Floridian culture that isn’t talked about enough, it’s the state’s vibrant biking scene. 

Florida is home to some of the most scenic tropical trails in the United States. However, only some trails will allow you to bring your trusted e-bike along for the ride. 

For those of you who are heading to or are nearby the Florida Keys, you’re in luck. There’s a breathtaking 100-mile trail calling your name. 

What Are the Florida Keys? 

The Florida Keys are a magnificent chain of small islands in southern Florida that begin just south of Miami and stretch 125 miles into the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. 

The Keys are comprised of five census-designated areas: Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Big Pine/Lower Keys, and Key West. Writer Ernest Hemingway notably lived in Key West, the southernmost point in the continental United States. 

These islands are home to unimaginable wild and sealife, breathtaking scenery, unmatched fishing spots, and beaches galore. If all those traits sound appealing, it might be time to consider adding the Keys to your travel wishlist. 

If you’re a fan of biking, that’s all the more reason to make the Keys your next vacation destination. Still, it’s wise to do your research before you grab your helmet and hit the trails. While these trails are beautiful, they may be a little different from the trails you have back at home.

Florida Biking: Facts To Know

Florida is unique when it comes to biking. Heat, humidity, rain, sun exposure, and more could all potentially ruin your ride while in Florida if you’re unprepared. Because the Keys are the southernmost point of the continental United States, you can expect a more intense riding experience than in northern Floridian cities like Tallahassee or Jacksonville. 

With a few helpful tips, you can beat the heat and enjoy biking through the Keys safely.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! 

It’s extremely important to pack more water than usual when biking in the keys.

Two features make us sweat the most: heat and exercise. When you combine them — especially in Florida Keys’ intense humidity — a sweaty ride is almost guaranteed.

The more you sweat, the more fluids you lose, and the more water you’ll need to drink to rehydrate your body. No matter what time of year, you can count on sweating a lot if you're biking in the Keys. 

If you don’t replenish, you run the risk of exhaustion, loss of bodily functions, heatstroke, and more. We recommend bringing a water bottle (or three) along for the ride.

Protect Against the Sun 

If you’ve been to Florida before, you know how brutal the sun can be, especially if you’re trying to exercise. Being overexposed to UV rays can lead to problems immediately and in the future. 

In the short term, if you’re not protected properly, it can cause extreme fatigue, quick dehydration, sunburns or lesions, and more. That sounds like a recipe for a ruined bike ride. 

In the long term, it can contribute to wrinkles, skin cancer, eye injuries, and a lowered immune system. That sounds a lot worse than a ruined bike ride. 

Apply sunscreen generously, wear a hat to protect your face, hydrate, and take breaks as needed. 

Rain, Rain, Go Away

If you’ve been to Florida, you know it often rains throughout the week. Typically, they’re short bursts or thunderstorms that won’t last longer than 45 minutes. Still, we know that a 45-minute-long downpour can ruin your ride.

To maximize your enjoyment on the trails, triple-check the forecast and stay dry. 

For Electric Bikers

An electric bike can be an advantage anywhere, but especially in the Keys. 

Whatever the temperature, you know you’ve got a pedal assist system (PAS) or a throttle to help you get through those rough stretches. 

If you shop with Velotric, you have a PAS and throttle to help you get the most out of your ride.

Where Should I Go Biking in Florida? 

The Heritage Trail is a 106-mile biking trail with over 90 miles of linear paved roads. This trail takes you across allof the Keys, so you’ll get to see more of Florida’s beauty in one go. 

While biking through the Keys’ regions, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the ocean that seamlessly transitions into breathtaking scenes of greenery and wildlife. Best of all, this beautiful trail is e-bike-friendly!

If you only have time to try a few sections of this lengthy trail, we have a few recommendations to consider.

Sights To See

  • Long Key Bridge: Long Key is one of the most famous bridges in the Keys. This 2.2-mile bridge features side-by-side views of the ocean that aren’t accessible by car. If you enjoy the Long Key Bridge, look out for the 23 shorter bridges with similar views you’ll encounter on your ride.
  • Lower Keys Stretch: This fun stretch takes you from the Lower Keys to the southernmost point in Key West. Along with astounding ocean views, this portion has a dedicated straight-shot trail. Plus, there’s a small section populated with restaurants, bars, and coffee shops if you need to refuel. 
  • Grassy Key: If you want to go off the grid, you’ll love the Grassy Key, where the trail is covered with mangroves bustling with unique wildlife. While this lacks ocean views, it’s a nice (and short) change of pace that makes you feel like you’re in another world. 
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries: The Heritage Trail offers a unique opportunity as you pass by points of entry to numerous different wildlife reserves and sanctuaries. If you’re an animal lover, we recommend you take a break and check them out. From marine life to deer, there’s no shortage of sanctuaries you can experience. 
  • State Parks: You can take plenty of detours that will lead you directly into some of the most environmentally diverse National Parks our country offers. The Everglades and Biscayne National Park are two specific points of interest that we would highly recommend checking out if you have the time. Just be sure to review the rules before you bring your e-bike! 

The Best E-Bike for the Florida Keys 

Now that we’ve spread the word about this near-perfect bike trail, it’s time to put a plan in motion. 

Velotric’s colorful designs, convenient PAS, and throttle will keep you looking stylish and exploring longer than you ever imagined — you might even finish the trail! 

If you don’t plan on going to Florida anytime soon, we also have some other great recommendations for bike trails in the United States that you can check out. 

Enjoy the sun and the fun! 


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