Less E, More Bike
Our Design Philosophy for Velotric T1
  • Less E, More Bike
    Our Design Philosophy for Velotric T1
    Internal Wiring
    By threading all of our cables through the headtube and downtube of the bike frame, Velotric T1 looks just like a regular bike. The goal was to let a rider enjoy all the perks of an e-bike without needing to tell the world that.
  • Less E, More Bike
    Our Design Philosophy for Velotric T1
    Integrated Battery
    One of our main challenges with the T series was balancing battery capacity with a lightweight and slim frame. We created a custom frame to house our newest, most compact battery design yet which has a high energy density.
  • Less E, More Bike
    Our Design Philosophy for Velotric T1
    Built-in Electronic Sensors
    Our whole drive system, including the VCU, controller, torque sensor and control panel are all integrated into the frame. R&D focused on developing the lightest and smallest electronic components without sacrificing performance.
Velopower E35+
We developed an entirely new drive system for the T series. Using smaller and lighter components, we’ve developed one of the smallest and quietest hub motors out there in the market, powered by a torque PAS sensor to deliver the smoothest ride possible. E35+ powers Velotric T1, which in addition to all the enhanced riding experience, also powers our Smar+ Hub, which gives Velotric T1 even more smart functions and customizations through the Velotric smartphone app.
Control panel
A simple and discrete module installed on the toptube of the frame. Easily power on or off your bike with your thumb, with a LED ring and light indicators to provide information on your bike’s current battery and PAS level.

For Velotric T1, the control panel will also allow for fingerprint unlock.
Velotric App
With our new Velotric app, power your Velotric T1 with a host of intelligent features including Anti-Theft Alert & GPS tracking, Ride & Health Tracking, Keyless Unlock, and custom riding experience.
  • Hydroformed Aluminum
    To ensure a frame which is stronger, lighter and more aesthetically pleasing, we used hydroformed aluminum to create a custom shape for our T series.
  • 3D Liquid Forging Technology (LFT)
    Using 3D Liquid Forging Technology (LFT) we’ve created a custom frame structure which is stiffer, stronger and allows us to insert our entire drive system into the bike for the sleek integrated look while simultaneously increasing the tire and fender clearance.
  • Forged Dropouts
    We used forged dropouts for the mounting points of the fender and the frame to ensure a stronger support and best fit for our hub motor axle nut.
Quality Components
Reliable and performance-driven configuration
  • TEKTRO Hydraulic Disc Brakes
    The T series e-bikes are equipped with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes to offer the absolute strongest stopping power in all weather, including wet and muddy conditions.
  • PROWHEEL Narrow-wide Chainring
    The T series e-bikes use PROWHEEL’s narrow-wide chainring to ensure better chain retention, reducing the chances of chain drops and improving overall drivetrain efficiency and stability while cycling.
  • Selle Royal SRX Saddle
    Known for their excellent comfort and support, the T series are equipped with the newest 2022 versions of the Selle Royale SRX saddle. The wave-shaped design provides excellent support for the lower back and sit bones, especially during long-distance rides. The additional matrix-style padding makes the saddle more comfortable on rough terrain. The ergonomic pressure-relief groove design reduces pressure on the sit bones.
  • Novatec Thru-Axle Hubs
    Using Novatec’s thru-axle hubs, the T series e-bikes enjoy an enhanced stiffness and stability during high-speed rides and reduce the chance of scuffing and rubbing of the rotor. It also makes wheel assembly and disassembly easier.