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Shipping Policy

Addresses to which we Ship

  • We ship across CONUS (lower 48 states)
  • Currently, we do not ship to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska.

Shipping Time

  • In the case when the stock is available, it takes up to 2 business days to process your order and another 3-5 business days for the order to arrive at your door.
  • In the rare cases, there may be a slight delay in shipment and you do not receive your order within 14 business days, feel free to contact us at help@velotricbike.com

Shipping Cost

  • All our bikes come with free shipping across CONUS.

Signatures Required

  • Due to the high value of the e-bike, we offer the signature required shipping method at your service, for which we charge $10 per bike.
  • The shipping carrier is instructed to obtain a signature before delivery and should not leave packages unattended.
  • Although starting with the COVID-19 pandemic, shipping carriers may obtain visual confirmation that the recipient acknowledges receipt of the package as an alternative to obtaining a physical signature.

Shipping Carriers:

  • Velotric ships using FedEx 

No Responsibility for Loss, Theft, or Damage

  • Please note we are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items due to the actions or inactions of FedEx or any other parcel service.
  • In case your order gets lost, damaged, or stolen in transit, feel free to choose the "Signature Required" shipping method or "ROUTE" service at checkout.

ROUTE is Available at Checkout

  • Add Route Package Protection at checkout to unlock full package protection and seamless resolution for order issues. If something goes wrong with your protected order, you can report an issue by filing a claim.

Restocking Fee

  • For the returns of new and unused e-bikes within 14 days of receipt. Please note we’ll charge a $200 restocking fee.
  • For the return of used e-bikes within 14 days, we charge a restocking fee that is 20% of the total order value.
  • Deliveries that are refused will be charged a $200 flat fee to partially cover our handling costs.
  • Approved returns of defective items within 14 days of receipt are exempt from the restocking fee. Our Customer Service team must be notified as early as possible about this.
Return & Refund Policy

Order Cancellation

  • To cancel a placed order, please contact us at help@velotricbike.com before the order ships out.
  • Submitting a cancellation request before the order ship out will not guarantee cancellation success.
  • Customers will receive an email confirmation if the order is successfully canceled.
  • We will not be able to cancel the order after the order is shipped out. Please wait for the order to deliver and contact us for a return label within 14 days of delivery.
  • Rejecting a shipped-out order or failing to follow the return procedure might cause item loss in transit or rejection by the warehouse due to no return registration which might lead to ineligibility of refund or replacement.
  • After we have received your return package and confirmed that the package is complete and the product is unused and in good condition. Please note there will be a restocking fee of $200(per bike unit)deducted from the final refund.

Order Return

  • Customers are allowed to submit a return request within 14 days of delivery via help@velotricbike.com.
  • Return requests submitted 14 days after the delivery date will not be approved.
  • To return an e-bike that is not defective or damaged out of the box, you must contact Velopower, Inc. (aka Velotric) within 14 days of your receipt of the e-bike.
  • A restocking is subject to charge. For the unused bike, a $200 restocking fee will be deducted from the final refund. For the used bike, a 20% of the total order amount will be deducted from the final refund.
  • The e-bike must be free of any wear and tear, dirt, dust, fragrance, or any other signs of use and must be in the same packaging and condition that you receive it and must include all items that were inside the box. They include but not only Charger, Pedals, Bell, Front & Rear Reflectors, Headlight, Toolkits (9 tools in total), User Manual, Quick Start Guide.
  • Customers must receive prior authorization and a prepaid return shipping label from Velopower, Inc.
  • Warranty issues must be resolved prior to processing a return. Best to return with the original package but other boxes will also be acceptable.

Return Process 

  • To initiate a return, email us at help@velotricbike.com with [RETURN REQUEST] and your order number in the title for faster processing. Please ship all approved returns using the shipping label provided during the return merchandise authorization process. 
  1. Pre-Orders and Backorders and Pre-Order/Backorder Cancellations. Our backorder process is for e-bikes that have already been available but are temporarily out of stock. For all pre-orders and backorders, your credit/debit card will be charged immediately. There will be no delay in payment collection, regardless of when the item is expected to ship.
  2. Accessory and Replacement Parts. Any purchase of accessories or receipt of a replacement part under the Limited Warranty shall be eligible for return within 14 days of receipt. Returned accessories and/or replacement parts must be unused, free of any wear and tear, dirt, dust, fragrance, or any other signs of use, and must be sealed and unopened in the same packaging and condition in which the customer received it. Customers will be responsible for paying for shipping both ways.
  3. Non-returnable/non-refundable Items. Used Products, batteries, gift cards, and gifted orders shall not be returnable except in EXTREME cases of breakage/malfunction covered by our warranty. These cases must receive approval for the return from the company. “Built and Delivered” fees are nonrefundable.
  • Refunds will be made after the e-bike is returned and inspected by the warehouse.

Non-returnable Items Include But are not limited to

  • Product from Unauthorized Reseller/Individual;
  • Damaged items caused by human factors;
  • Gift cards;
  • Insurance;
  • Non-physical products.

Refund Policy

  • Please contact us at help@velotricbike.com to submit your refund request.
  • Flash sales are exempted from our price-matching policy.
  • The final refund amount might be subject to the deductions of restocking fees, return shipping fees, and the insurance cost of the original order.
  • For return orders, the refund will be approved after the return package is successfully delivered and inspected by the warehouse.
  • Customers will be notified via email and shall receive a refund back to the original payment method.
  • Please be aware that bank or credit card companies may take an additional time up to 30 days to process the refund.
Use in Special Conditions

Hot or Cold Conditions

  • Riding, parking, or storing the bike in excessively hot or cold conditions can cause damage to
    the display and other components.
  • Do not park or store the e-bike in direct sunlight for extended periods.

Low-visibility Conditions

  • Riding at night or in other low-visibility conditions such as dawn, dusk, fog, rain, mist, and snow is very hazardous, which makes it harder to see and avoid hazards and makes it harder for others to see and avoid you, and increases risks of accidents, serious injury, or death.
  • Wet or slippery surfaces will compound your risk of injury or death. Avoid these conditions whenever possible.
  • If you must ride in low-visibility conditions, taking the safety precautions below can reduce the
    risk to some extent.
  1. Ride slowly.
    Stay alert. Ride defensively and expect the unexpected.
  2. Avoid dark areas and areas of heavy or fast-moving traffic.
  3. Wear reflective and light-colored clothing to get the attention of approaching motorists, pedestrians, and other traffic.
  4. If possible, ride on familiar routes.
  5. Ensure that the front and rear lights are functioning correctly and unobstructed.
  6. Ensure that the front and rear reflectors are correctly positioned and securely mounted, and
    are not blocked by any foreign objects.

Extreme Riding

  • Extreme riding is extremely dangerous.
  • It increases your risk of injury or death and the severity of any injury. This type of riding can only be performed by professionals with many years of training and experience.
  • Velotric strongly recommends against such inappropriate and dangerous use of its products.
  • Even with state-of-the-art protective safety gear, you could be seriously injured, paralyzed or killed when jumping, stunt riding, riding downhill at speed, or in competition.
  • If you do not want to take these risks, do not engage in this type of riding.

Wet Weather Riding

  • Wet weather impairs traction, braking, and visibility, both for the cyclist and for other vehicles
    sharing the road.
  • The risk of an accident is dramatically increased in wet conditions. In wet weather, you need to take extra care when operating the ebike.
  • Riding in wet conditions means slippery hands, feet, and riding surfaces, which greatly increases your risk of accidents, serious injury, or death.
  • Low-visibility conditions such as night, dusk, dawn, fog, mist, rain, or snow will compound your risk of injury or death
  • If you must ride in wet conditions, taking the safety precautions below can reduce the risk to some extent.
  1. Stay alert. Ride defensively and expect the unexpected.
  2. Reduce riding speed to control the bike in slippery conditions.
  3. Brake earlier since it will take longer to slow down than in dry conditions.
  4. Increase your visibility according to the safety precautions in "Low-visibility Conditions"
How to Assemble your Velotric T1ST

Our e-bikes are shipped nearly 85% assembled, which means there is some assembly required before your first ride.

Our quick start guide, owner's manuals, and assembly videos will walk you through the assembly

How to Assemble your Velotric T1

Our e-bikes are shipped nearly 85% assembled, which means there is some assembly required before your first ride.

Our quick start guide, owner's manuals, and assembly videos will walk you through the assembly

At Home Assembly from $169 with Velotooler

Velotooler is a place where bicycle owners can solve their bicycle issues through a network of peer bicycle mechanics.