Discover 2 Commuter Ebike - Now Released!

Discover 2 Commuter Ebike - Now Released!

Commuter e-bikes are one of the most popular segments of the electric bicycle market, and for good reason: many people want to use a bicycle more than their car. It’s a great way to get some fresh air and some exercise on your way to work, when running errands or exploring endless trails.

Enter Discover 2, the big brother to Discover 1 - our first and highly popular commuter e-bike. With Discover 2 we sought to create a premium e-bike experience jam-packed with features, all at a $1699 price point. Available in four stunning colors: Pine Green, Stone Grey, Mint or Cherry Crimson, Discover 2 offers a great range of performance, comfort, and safety features wrapped up into one neat model.

A More Powerful Motor

Unlike most commuter bikes on the market that come with a standard 500W rear hub motor, Discover 2 has a 750W motor that offers a powerful peak output  And with 75Nm of torque, it can get you moving quickly, even with a heavy load. We tested it towing a trailer with a 880 lbs weight, which it managed no problem! With impressive torque, the motor effortlessly propels you up even the steepest hills without breaking a sweat.

The battery is a class-leading 705.6Wh made with LG cells, which is why the Discover 2 can take you up to 75 miles on a single charge. There’s no better way to explore than with an e-bike, and with this much range, the adventures are endless!

Riders can customize their experience with three power modes: Eco, Trail, and Boost, each offering five power levels for a total of 15 acceleration curves to give you just the amount of power you need and fine-tune your ride.

This bike is classified as a class 2 e-bike, offering both throttle and pedal-assist capabilities up to 20 mph. You have the flexibility to switch between class 1 (pedal-assist up to 20 mph), class 2 (pedal and throttle-assist up to 20 mph), or class 3 with a maximum speed of 28 mph, depending on your preferences or local e-bike regulations. Accessible through the app or menu, these options cater to various riding needs and comply with state laws concerning e-bikes.

This model includes a walk mode, allowing you to effortlessly stroll alongside your bike at a walking pace. Additionally, it offers a unique cruise control feature. Set your desired speed, hold the cruise control button for 3 seconds, and the system maintains that speed until you tap either brake lever to disengage. This feature not only minimizes rider fatigue but also enhances your ability to enjoy the surroundings.

Torque VS Cadence Sensors

Why is a torque sensor so important? Let’s look at the difference. A bike with a cadence sensor simply measures that the pedals are moving - this means that the motor won’t engage until the pedals travel ½ to 1 full revolution. Once engaged, it will propel you to the maximum speed of your selected mode. For example, if your bike has 5 modes, mode 1 might take you up to 12mph, mode 2 to 15 mph, and so forth, with instant engagement.

With a torque sensor, the motor will kick in immediately, and the power is delivered much more gently. The more effort you put in, the more the motor adds - you’ll feel like Superman!

The Discover 2 is our first e-bike with a torque sensor, and it feels incredibly natural. The 75Nm of torque will help get you going easily, even on hills, and the motor will support you all the way up to 28 miles per hour. When you’re in a bike lane with cars going by at 35 mph, you’ll feel safer. And with all that power, you can arrive at your destination without breaking a sweat.

Opting for a bike with a cadence sensor, like our original Discover 1, may offer a more budget-friendly alternative.

Built For Comfort

With its deep step-through frame, which is the lowest among competing brands, this bike offers a mere 15” stepover height, facilitating effortless mounting and dismounting for riders of all ages and abilities, including seniors and those with leg or hip issues.

The battery seamlessly fits into the down tube, offering a sleek appearance. Integrated lighting utilizes the bike's battery for power, featuring a powerful 130 lux headlight for visibility day and night. Additionally, the tail light functions as a brake light, with turn signals on each side for signaling turns to fellow cyclists or motorists behind you.

The hydraulic suspension has 80mm of travel, plenty enough to take out the shock of the bumps in the road or any trail. Coupled with the voluminous 27.5” x 2.4” tires, these features ensure a smooth riding experience. The bike's design prioritizes ergonomics, providing a comfortable, upright seating posture on a well-padded seat. Additionally, it features a handlebar with a gentle sweep and ergonomic grips for enhanced comfort. The stem can additionally be adjusted up or down according to personal preference to give you the perfect riding position.

The beautiful full-color 3.5” TFT display offers you great information at-a-glance, including battery level, speed, power mode, trip distance, and more. It also offers a USB-C charging port, so you can charge your phone while you ride. You can use your phone for navigation and much more with the Velotric app. The app allows you to customize settings, as well as record your distance traveled, time spent riding, and even your route. It even allows you to connect with Apple Health.

The 8-speed Shimano Altus drivetrain handles any incline, decline or flat streets so you can ride with confidence and ease.

The front wheel is attached with a thru-axle, which helps with load bearing and ensures your front wheel is both sturdy and stable. Fenders are included to keep you dry if you ride through puddles or mud.

The bike itself can carry a total payload of 440 lbs (rider + cargo), a significant amount more than most other electric commuter bikes, which are normally rated at up to 300 lbs. The bike comes in two sizes, medium and large, and between the two it can comfortably fit riders from 4’11” to 6’4”catering to a wide (or tall we should say!) range of riders.


Discover 2 Safety


Your safety is paramount, so we’ve ensured to cover every aspect to keep you safe while on and off the bike.

The Discover 2 boasts an IPX6 rating, ensuring protection against pressure washing from any angle, making hose washing safe. Its battery holds an IPX7 rating, capable of withstanding immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes. In our rigorous tests, we even subjected the battery to a washing machine cycle with detergent, with no resulting damage! (Although, of course we don't recommend this method!)

The battery also has UL 2849 and 2271 certification, meeting all U.S. standards for safety. These certifications are crucial for ensuring safety. UL 2849 covers e-bikes and the risk of electric shock during charging over the life of the product, as well as other potential electrocution hazards.

UL 2271 certification means that the battery enclosure is resistant to impact, crushing, heat and flame, and UV light. In other words, you can rest assured that your bike’s battery and electrical system are built with absolute safety and reliability in mind.

To further ensure the durability and strength of our bikes, we have subjected the Discover 2 to harsher tests than the standard ISO requirement. A handful of these tests include simulating nearly twice the temperature of the Sahara Desert, placing the frame in subzero temperatures, and exposing the ebike to a simulated sandstorm. The Discover 2 is built to last.

The Discover 2 also has Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors for great stopping power. The brake levers are also equipped with motor cut-off switches, so when you squeeze the lever it cuts off the motor power, making braking far more effective. With the brake lights and turn indicators, people behind you will know when you are slowing down and/or turning.

Additionally, there’s Apple Find My technology baked in - a very unique feature in the e-bike market! You can always find your bike if you forget where you parked, or it can help you track the bike if it is stolen. Since the technology is built-in, there’s no tracker for would-be thieves to remove. We’ve printed the Apple Find My badge onto the frame of the bike which also adds an effective deterrent to theft.


Discover 2 Accessories


Discover 2 offers exceptional versatility, ideal for riding trails, commuting, or everyday errands. With a plethora of accessories available, you can customize your bike to perfectly suit your needs and activities.

The included rack boasts a sturdy 55 lbs weight capacity, perfect for accommodating a baby seat, thanks to the convenient low step-through frame design. Additionally, our optional rear basket or side bags can be effortlessly added to enhance carrying capacity. Consider bolting on the front basket, attaching wing mirror, or even opting for a dog trailer for ultimate versatility. Picture the joy of bringing your furry friend along for the ride, spreading smiles everywhere you go!

The Discover 2 is the best commuter e-bike on the market today. It delivers the best performance, comfort and safety available. The fit-and-finish is superb, the motor is quite powerful, it looks great and you’ll have zero range anxiety. Between the app and the bike, you can set it up the way you want it and make it your own. And would you believe all this for just $1699?


Where Can I Try One?

Velotric is sold in more than 600 bike shops - search our dealer locator here. We also encourage you to check ahead of time to make sure that the dealer has the model and size you want in stock. You can also buy direct from us at our website



• 75 mile range

• Powerful 750W hub motor with 75Nm of torque

• Torque sensor for more natural power delivery

• 3 riding modes plus 5 levels each of PAS


• Suspension w/80mm travel

• Very low step-through frame

• Cruise Control

• Fits 4’11” – 6’4”


• IPX6 bike/IPX7 battery

• UL Certified

• Tektro Hydraulic brakes with 180mm rotors