5 Best Reasons to Explore the Outdoors with Electric Bikes

5 Best Reasons to Explore the Outdoors with Electric Bikes

For a good reason, electric bikes are becoming more and more popular and affordable so it is easy to see why this industry is thriving. Every day, over 21 million bike trips are made in the United States, according to the International Bicycle Fund.

E-bikes are dependable, easy to use, inexpensive, and provide plenty of health benefits. These bikes help people live and travel more sustainably while enjoying the outdoors. You can ride comfortably in nature because an e-bike will help you on hard road trails, too. Not so sure about them yet?

Here are 5 best reasons why you should get into the electric bike movement and why they’re great.

Less pain, more miles

Instead of skipping a sight or a section of the trail because you're tired, an e-bike will give you the energy to keep going and see more than ever before. With the ability to travel further with less effort, you open up the possibility of taking on a long-distance tour that would appear to be well beyond your capabilities on a traditional bike. Ascending mountains or hills is also much easier with some battery power behind you, ensuring you don't miss out on those views.

While e-bikes do some of the hard work for you, it doesn’t mean that you don’t do any work. If you haven’t tried an e-bike before, it’s important to remember that you still have to physically pedal, but the electric motor will pick up the slack whenever you need. As a result, you won’t get tired as quickly and can enjoy longer rides than you might on a normal bike. It is also less time-consuming, and you can arrive at your destination significantly faster.

No more arriving at your destination sweaty and exhausted from riding your traditional bicycle. With less physical effort and faster travel on your eBike, you can enjoy the ride.

More sustainable than other means of transport

Using electricity can also help you reduce your environmental impact. For short trips, electrically powered bikes are a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to a gas-powered car. They are more energy-efficient than traditional modes of public transportation and can help to reduce urban congestion. 

Electric road bikes do not require gas and do not burn fossil fuels, so they emit no toxic emissions. The vehicle is powered by the bike's battery.

Your commute to work or in nature can now help the environment by lowering your carbon footprint. The best electric bikes are also extremely quiet, which means they do not contribute to noise pollution. You are helping the environment and at the same time, the e-bikes bring you many benefits. Win-win. 

More affordable

No taxes and no parking fees. Cars can be costly. You must pay for gas if you drive yourself. If you take public transportation, such as a bus or subway, you must buy a ticket. Even electric cars could be more work and you still need to find and pay for parking.

Paying for a ride-hailing service like Uber can quickly add up. An electric commuter bike such as Velotric is a cost-effective alternative. You don't have to pay for gas because e-bikes are powered by batteries. Velotric's e-bikes charge to full capacity in just six hours, allowing you to recharge during the day.

Safe, easy to use

Compared to a normal bike, you can ride your e-bike in different types of weather. They are safer than regular bicycles, heavier but not too heavy at 20kg, and have more stability.

They use an in-line electric motor powered by a battery to replace traditional pedaling, making them very safe to ride on the road and ultimately giving you more control.

Because of its design, owners can feel safer riding an electric bike, plus it also helps avoid road accidents.

E-bikes are propelled forward by an electric motor that can reach speeds of up to 28 miles per hour (depending on the class of e-bike). Riders can control how much assistance they receive from the motor by adjusting the pedal assist levels on their bike.

Some e-bikes also have accelerator pedal assist built in. This means that even if the rider isn't pedaling, the bike motor can propel the bike forward.

Accelerator pedal and pedal assist make it easier for riders to keep up with cars when riding alongside them, which is why e-bikes are faster than normal bikes. This improves city commuting safety by allowing seamless integration into the traffic flow. Furthermore, the e-bike motor allows for quick starts.

You should still wear a helmet when riding an e-bike for maximum safety because the bike can be fast! Always keep the lights on the bike working to ensure everyone can see you at night.

They are fun!

Riding an e-bike is an enjoyable experience that allows you to explore the natural wonders and historic landscapes easily. They can take you places that vehicles can’t, such as purpose-built rail trails and the growing number of national parks that permit electric bikes. 

With so many benefits, electric bikes let you enjoy the ride anywhere!

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