Cashback Process

Cashback Rules:

  1. One order can only get one Cash Back offer in the Flash Sale event, no matter how many bikes in the order.
  2. Allow to overlap “BUYTWO get 250 Off” discount and CashBack offer in one order.

Cashback Process:

1. A Cash Back Offer will be added automatically as a free item in the cart after CashBack item is added in the cart.

2. Continue to checkout and will see a $100 CashBack item in your cart as shown.

3. CashBack offer will appear as a free item(tax free) in your cart and will not affect the checkout amount. 

4. Customers will get a CashBack Redemption email titled “Your Velotric CashBack Redemption Form” from Velotric ( right after the order is paid.

Suggest to first check promotion and spam mailbox if not receive the email in mailbox.

5. Open the CashBack Redemption email and click the “Submit CashBack Claim” button and a ‘Redemption Form’ will pop out as a new webpage.

6. Fill out the redemption form as shown.

7. $100 Cash Back will be sent to the customer's original payment method after 30 days you submit the redemption form.